Registered Entrants
March 21 - 22, 2020

The Pistol Ultra Run

Alcoa, TN 100M, 100K, 50M, 50K, 2 Per Relay, 3 Per Relay, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

RankAge RankResultsTargetAgeFirstLastCityLocBibFinishes 
99.1%100.0%1115:54:14 M50-59  Joel Rich Gainesville  FL          Results
89.2%92.3%5817:40:03 M30-39  James Barnard Oak Ridge  TN      6   Results
81.6%87.6%3919:18:13 M30-39  Sho Gray Knoxville  TN      2  Results
79.3%82.8%1319:52:15 M30-39  Dustin Hawkins Englewood  FL         Results
90.7%100.0%420:03:43 F20-29  Ariana Fratto Myrtle beach  SC          Results
76.6%82.4%4820:33:38 M40-49  Jeff Rowthorn Mount Hope  ON          Results
87.9%85.2%6420:42:20 F40-49  Sally Libonati Rotonda West  FL         Results
85.3%89.2%3421:21:06 F50-59  Andrea Stewart Columbia  SC          Results
73.6%79.4%321:24:56 M40-49  Lanny Stokes Knoxville  TN          Results
83.4%85.8%1321:49:31 F30-39  Renee Guthrie Harrison  OH      1   Results
83.3%100.0%221:51:43 F50-59  Mikie Donaldson-Pylilo myrtle beach  SC          Results
71.0%86.2%1322:11:15 M40-49  Chad Frederick Hilton Head  SC         Results
70.2%76.2%422:26:25 M40-49  Raul Luevano Simpsonville  SC          Results
69.8%80.8%1122:33:45 M50-59  Darryl Benton Suffolk  VA         Results
80.1%85.4%8122:43:59 F30-39  Laurie Matecki Sanford  NC         Results
69.2%72.4%9422:46:52 M40-49  Brian Steinberg Grand Rapids  MI          Results
68.4%75.3%3623:02:27 M40-49  John Dufour Carrollton  GA      1   Results
78.7%92.9%323:08:04 F30-39  Erin Mellon Quincy  IL          Results
67.9%90.5%623:12:38 M50-59  Andre Daigle Vaudreuil-Dorion  QC          Results
66.6%74.9%2023:38:58 M40-49  Vishal Verma blue ash  OH          Results
66.6%73.2%2323:39:24 M50-59  Randall Edwards Elizabeth City  NC          Results
66.3%73.2%3123:45:10 M40-49  Dan Pulskamp Chesterfield  VA          Results
65.5%84.1%7024:03:14 M50-59  Loren Starr Atlanta  GA      1  Results
75.5%91.3%224:06:55 F50-59  Jeannie Cook Biloxi  MS          Results
74.7%78.2%1824:21:15 F30-39  Amanda Corbitt Lebanon  TN         Results
74.7%83.1%1224:22:49 F40-49  Arabelle Romeo Canton  GA         Results
64.6%77.3%624:24:28 M50-59  Jeff Kase Elkton  MD         Results
64.3%76.1%6124:31:18 M50-59  Bill Odendahl Trumbull  CT      3  Results
73.6%76.8%1724:44:41 F40-49  Melinda Hooper Riverview  FL         Results
63.3%89.9%724:54:48 M60-69  Larry Carpenter Lizella  GA          Results
72.7%73.3%225:02:27 F30-39  Rachel Duran Myrtle beach  SC          Results
72.2%84.2%1425:13:30 F40-49  Dawn Davis Pearl  MS          Results
62.2%87.0%625:19:47 M60-69  Maurice Lafond Eastlake  OH          Results
70.1%75.4%5725:58:38 F30-39  Lindsey Hardesty Huntsville  AL         Results
70.1%86.8%2725:58:51 F50-59  Darlene Kresse Indian Trail  NC          Results
69.2%87.2%426:17:47 F30-39  Jayme Ball Fort Rucker  AL          Results
58.7%61.6%2226:50:07 M30-39  Keith Jabat Bowdon  GA          Results
66.6%92.2%14027:20:50 F60-69  Joyce Ong Bristow  VA          Results
66.2%94.5%627:30:15 F50-59  Sariann Wightman Whitesboro  NY          Results
57.3%92.9%1727:31:27 M70+  Tim Mahaffey The Villages  FL          Results
65.8%74.4%1227:39:32 F50-59  Shanna Oden Virginia Beach  VA         Results
65.7%75.4%527:43:34 F40-49  Krista Darst Jeffersonville  IN          Results
63.7%84.0%2928:35:18 F50-59  Sue Edwards Odessa  FL         Results
63.5%68.9%328:40:59 F40-49  Meiwah Joyce Cheng Harlan  KY          Results
63.4%71.2%1928:41:32 F50-59  Laurin Sgroi Fort Worth  TX          Results
54.8%91.8%128:44:40 M40-49  Eric Rinderer Rossville  TN          Results
61.6%70.5%7429:34:06 F30-39  Amy Stone Gastonia  NC         Results
53.0%76.7%1229:44:13 M70+  Donald Baun Perrysville  OH          Results
61.2%76.5%229:44:32 F50-59  Angie McMain Uniontown  KY          Results
52.9%63.9%1329:46:35 M50-59  Timothy O'Keefe Newark  OH          Results
52.8%75.0%3929:49:17 M60-69  James Morton Craig  CO      1   Results
52.8%66.1%1129:50:18 M30-39  Coty Phillips Crossville  TN          Results
51.7%74.2%7430:28:23 M60-69  Ed Peters Norwalk  CT         Results
57.6%78.2%731:36:04 F60-69  Peggy Kindinger New Boston  OH          Results
49.8%49.8%131:38:54 M30-39  Frank Turlington Towson  MD          Results
56.7%83.2%932:04:49 F50-59  Suzanne Stevens Wytheville  VA          Results
55.6%62.3%1132:45:20 F40-49  Tanya Underwood Amory  MS          Results
54.6%54.6%133:19:31 F50-59  Aimee Weyenberg Madison  AL          Results
54.3%80.4%933:30:56 F50-59  Elizabeth Ann Kelley Matthews  NC          Results
54.0%67.5%4733:43:36 F50-59  Vicky Halsey Charlotte  NC         Results
53.3%71.1%834:10:58 F50-59  Melinda Howard Columbus  MS         Results
53.2%66.5%4134:11:44 F50-59  Evelyn Smith Rockford  IL          Results
53.0%89.8%1234:19:28 F60-69  Yvette Ferguson Chesapeake  VA          Results
52.1%67.8%434:57:02 F30-39  Emily Morrison Dover  DE          Results
43.8%57.9%235:57:36 M50-59  Waldon Adams Washington  DC         Results
41.9%50.4%937:34:51 M40-49  Robert Eichin Oak Ridge  TN          Results
47.3%69.1%3038:29:56 F50-59  Kirsten Jones Atlanta  GA          Results
  0  F40-49  Kristen Novak Highland  MI          Results
  0  M30-39  Thomas Floyd Knoxville  TN          Results
  0  M50-59  Donnie Robinson Ankeny  IA          Results