Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miler
Castro Valley, CA
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  1. Jesse
    Jesse Jimenez  - July 5, 8:16 PM
    Attn: Veteran DC FireTrails 50 runners
    This is my first time for the FireTrails50. does anyone know the likelyhood of being selected from the waitlist? I am currently number 75 on the waitlist... kinda discouraging.
    1. Mark Gilligan  - July 5, 8:53 PM
      Hi Jesse, the first 50 have a very good chance of getting in. The directors are providing partial refunds for people already registered, so that should clear out quite a few spots as we get close to the event. Also, a large percentage of people on the waitlist actually decline the invitation when they are finally selected so it is very misleading when you look at the list of people in front of you. Good luck.
    2. Jesse Jimenez  - July 11, 9:29 PM
      Thanks for your response Mark. I suppose I may still have a shot. I will remain on the wait list. I am ready to go if I get the call. Happy running to you!
    3. Jesse Jimenez  - July 11, 9:29 PM
      Write a comment...
    4. Dustin Smith  - August 3, 6:35 PM
      Good luck, Jesse! I'm currently sitting at 37th on the waitlist so I can relate!
    5. Jesse Jimenez  - August 16, 3:27 PM
      Woohoo! I'm In. I didn't think I had a Chance. Thanks for your responses Mark and Dustin.... It reminded me to be patient. Hope to see you out on the trail Dustin.
    6. Elaine Zilonka  - August 16, 4:34 PM
      Awesome, congrats!
    7. Jesse Jimenez  - October 1, 7:54 PM
      Thanks Elaine! are you running it?
  2. Alan
    Alan Cherrigan  - September 24, 3:55 PM
    I'm seeking a pacer from Skyline Gate to the finish (13mi.) . Free food and return ride to SG. If anyone is interested, please contact Mark @ UltraSignup and he will fwd my email address to you. Thanks.
  3. Jennifer
    Jennifer Lopez-Lanctot  - August 15, 3:39 PM
    I see that the race has reached capacity and the wait list is no longer available on the site. Does this also mean that the folks who were on the wait list should no longer "wait?"
    1. Mark Gilligan  - August 15, 3:49 PM
      Hi J, no, just preventing more from signing up.
    2. Jennifer Lopez-Lanctot  - August 15, 4:23 PM
      Thanks Mark! Hope all is well with you!
    3. Michael Grade  - August 17, 5:12 PM
      Mark, quick question then. Is there a way to keep the WL showing without allowing further signups so we can see if we're making progress up the list? Thanks.
    4. Michael Grade  - August 20, 10:58 PM
      Thanks, Mark.
    5. Kendra Hershey  - September 18, 8:36 PM
      I just learned of this race. Any chance of the waitlist reopening? What 50 mile races do you recommend that are in the Bay area in the next few months and not sold out already?
  4. Bob
    Bob Zunino  - August 16, 5:28 PM
    Hello veteren 50 milers. I have a question about the nutritional part of the race. My longest training runs will be a few back to backs of 4hr on sat followed by 5hr on sun. I think I am good with the nutrition up to 5 hrs. I have been doing Gu every 45 minutes, water every 15 min 4-6oz and half a peanut butter sandwich at the 2hr mark, but I am not sure the what "Pain and Discomfort" I will be feeling in the later part of the race. Any advice is very welcome, timing, type of food, hydration, etc.... As of yesterday I have ran the whole course in segments. Great course!
    1. Mark Gilligan  - August 17, 7:22 AM
      Hi Bob, many people experience stomach issues at various times when running longer distances. Some have it worse than others. There has been quite a bit written on the topic of over and under hydration, but not as much on quantity and frequency of food. In my experience, i try to eat a steady flow of calories so I don't get bogged down all at once. That means I carry a flask of gel and take a hit every five minutes. I will also grab a sandwich in the aid stations and eat it slowly as I continue on. Most people have trouble getting enough calories and find their appetite suppressed, so it's usually tough to over eat. I try to eat as much as my stomach allows. One thing that is often recommended is to not use the event to try a bunch of new stuff, unless you know you have a strong stomach. Sounds like you have a good plan that is working for you. Just make sure you continue eating later in the race or you will crash. Best of luck!
    2. Bob Zunino  - August 17, 8:41 AM
      Thanks for the advice. I think I might need to eat more than I have especially later in the race.
  5. Tony
    Tony Arrizon  - August 11, 1:16 AM
    Ultra Signup Question! about a month ago Ultra Signup had the Main Entrants list available, now it has disappeared? only the waiting list for Dick Collins Fire trails 50 is available! Another Question , Does the majority of the crowd wear Trail shoes or regular Running shoes?
    1. Mark Gilligan  - August 11, 6:36 AM
      I activated the entrants list, tony.
    2. Tony Arrizon  - August 11, 1:23 PM
      Thanks Mark ! I remember you from the Western States 2012 Forum that you were always very responsive, helpful and timely! with relative newcomers like me. I ripped my left hamstring from the bone attachment 3 months before WS100/ 2012 and was only able to run 70 miles on the course ( Peachstone- Aid Station), until i could not lift my left leg over obstacles. im staging a comeback to WS 2013 via Dick Collins Qualifier. Thanks again for always coming to our aid! Tony Arrizon
  6. Bob
    Bob Zunino  - July 2, 5:47 PM
    Fellow 50 milers. Dick Collins 50 will be my first 50. A little personal history. PR marathon 2:48:00 in 1993 (Cal Int). Most recent marathon Oakland 3:31:00. Ran a very flat personal 50k in 4:00 last Oct. Here is the question. How many of you who have completed a 50, run the race using a walk run ratio? Or do you run the whole race? I have seen a few ratios 5:1, 20:1. On my weekend long runs I will practice the ratios and running the whole time. And do most of you walk the hills? Last weekend I ran 1:30 on Sat then 3:00 on Sunday, running portions of the course, felt great.
    1. Jeremy Johnson  - July 17, 2:40 PM
      2:48? Just run it, no walking for you...

      But seriously, ratios are not as useful in a hilly course like this, just incorporate some hiking when you hit the steep stuff.
  7. John
    John Howard  - July 1, 1:42 PM
    Saturday I tan the loop around lake, only first two miles are paved, then a real long steep. STEEP hill to the. Brandon road check point. Enjoy!
    1. Mark Gilligan  - July 1, 1:58 PM
      Oh yeah, that first climb is a nice warm up "walker"
  8. Bob
    Bob Zunino  - May 31, 10:36 PM
    I have registered for this years race. A question for all. How many of you walk the hills? This will be my first 50.
    1. Mark Gilligan  - June 1, 10:49 PM
      Almost everyone will walk the hills. 50 miles is a long race and the distance should be respected. If you are feeling strong at the turn around, start turning it up, but not too much, you still have 25 to go. Have a great time!
  9. Aileen
    Aileen Cota  - April 26, 9:07 PM
    I am ready to train for my first 50 miler and I have chosen to DCFT for my first race. I've done two 50ks in the last three years and been averaging about 4-5 marathons a year since 2009. Just ran a marathon 5 days ago and taking 6 days of no running, then 6 weeks of base running at avg of 50 mi/week before embarking on an 18 week of training plan, praking at 93 miles. I just want to finish in 13 hours. I am willing to work hard, but would this be too hard of a course for a novice like me? I am a 4:15-4:20 marathoner, and the 50ks that I ran, I hadly trained for, I just rolled with it since it was between marathons. I feel that had I really trained for it, I would have done better than 8 hours. I am planning on a 50k on the 9th week of the training program. My program has pull back weeks every 3rd week. I have b2b long runs every weekend. Not incorporating speed at all, just hill or trail work whenever I can. Also have double runs once a week as well as middle of the week runs. I have one day of rest for the week. I want to know if this is all doable. Thanks for your 2 cents.
  10. Bob
    Bob Zunino  - April 13, 9:53 AM
    Hello 50 Milers. I am seeking advice. Here is the short of it. I will hopefully signing up for the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, my first attempt at a 50. Little backgroud. I have completed 6 marathons P/R 2:48 back in 1993. Last marathon was Oakland 3 years ago, 3:31:00. I did a 30 miler back in Oct, very flat in 4:00:00. Here is my question. I have read numerous training programs and a lot of them suggest a ration of Run to Walk. One suggested a 5:1. Walking every hill no matter how long or short. Personally I would like to try and run the whole distance, minus refueling breaks etc... Am I fooling myself in trying to run the whole distance? Also I feel I will be able to fiish the D.C.F.50 in approx 8-9.5 hours. Thanks.
    1. Mike Heiliger  - April 14, 10:27 AM
      Hey Bob, good for you to ask for advice on your first 50 miler. I wish I had listened to the advice I got on my first one. I have no idea how difficult the DCF50 is, so I can't speak directly about this course. The most important thing I discovered (the hard way!) is that there is a HUGE difference between running 50km and 50 miles. Especially in your first 50, take it easy to start, find someone to run along with at a pace you're comfortable and don't run the hills. Hopefully I'll run into you at the race. Good luck. Mike H
    2. Alvin Lubrino  - April 17, 6:42 PM
      If you believe you can finish it inless than 9.5 then you can do it. But train more/frequent since it's not your 1st 50M. Do a few 50K races as well. Good luck!
    3. Ed Hudson  - April 24, 1:15 PM
      DCFT50 is not easy (its 50 miles) but its not as difficult as some of the others out there. (Lake Sonoma, North Face etc. I did DCFT in 2010 and will be back this year. There is a pretty gnarly hill to navigate down a bit before the turn around and of course that means you have to come back up it ;-) I don't plan on running that hill and I didn't see anyone else doing it either. I personally don't worry about a ratio, I just figure to walk any significant hill and make sure you have walking in your training. Amazing to find out that your shoes are great for running but cause blisters when you walk for any distance.
  11. Mike
    Mike Heiliger  - March 17, 11:55 AM
    does anyone know when the registration begins for the Dick Collins Firetrail50?
    1. Lori Barekman  - April 6, 11:02 PM
      I also am interested in this run.....I can't seem to find out how/when to register
    2. Mike Heiliger  - April 8, 5:43 PM
      I have sent a couple of emails to the race director to no avail, I guess they aren't set up for it yet????
    3. Lori Barekman  - April 8, 6:14 PM
      I've sent one too..no answer yet....let's keep each other informed if we find out anything
    4. Mike Heiliger  - April 8, 8:32 PM
      Just heard registration will open in June, good luck
    5. Lori Barekman  - April 8, 10:21 PM
      Thanks..you too
    6. Alvin Lubrino  - April 17, 6:35 PM
      the race director are so busy for the past few days in prep for AR50. He said that it will be opened mid of April or end of April...
  12. Bob
    Bob Zunino  - April 15, 9:31 AM
    Thanks for your advice Mike.