The Greenfield Trail Races 5K, 1/2 Marathon
Greenfield, NH
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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer Shultis  - June 29, 1:53 AM
    From the Race Director:
    June 28, 2012. After some test running last weekend, I compiled a more detailed course description below. I hope to have a trail map or at least an elevation profile available soon. - Jen Shultis

    Highbush Half-Marathon Course Description

    This race course has it all. It is challenging, beautiful, and often feels remote. The start/finish are at apx. 850 feet and the high point at a bit under 2,050 feet. Below is a general course description- all mileage is approximate.

    Miles 0-2. The race starts in Greenfield State Park, winds around Mud and Hog Back Ponds before crossing the road to take runners past Sunset Lake and into the Crotched Mountain Forest. These first couple of miles of trails are some of the easiest- gently rolling and the footing is moderately technical and mostly single track. Only a few spots will make you want to slow down, otherwise it is very “runable.” You will hit an aid station (the 5K aid station) before crossing the road which will seem early in the course, but with the climbing about to begin, you may want to consider a quick stop?

    Mile 2-5. Merging onto wide single-track/forest roads, you now start your climb to the top of Crotched Mountain. Take full advantage of aid station #2 (mile 4) as the next four miles to aid station #3 will be the hardest. Passing the Crotched Mountain Rehab Center you will transition to more exposed areas. On a sunny day you will be feeling the heat, especially as this jeep road gets steep in places. When you hit the look-out point, let yourself take in the views to both the right and then left. Continue down a slight dip, bear right on a short section of single-track then run across a gorgeous woodland field. Then it’s back into the woods for a well-deserved, but much too short downhill. Is it time to pay the piper yet?

    Mile 5-6. Time to dig deep for this last pitch. The trail gets steep and becomes a true technical hiking trail. Only the lead few will be running here. Follow the rocky slope and the cairns. When in doubt, go up. Remember to take in the views- you earned them. Stay on yellow blazes until the double blue blazes, then turn right.

    Miles 6-8. Take the blue blazes along the ups and downs of this lovely pine needle blanketed ridge trail. At the yellow blazes, turn left! Go up! Don’t miss this turn! Now things get technical again for three more small peaks with the “downs” more technical/dangerous than the “ups.” If you have done it right, your legs will be feeling like rubber now, so please be cautious. Aid station at mile 8.

    Miles 8-11. A mix of single track and forest roads. Lovely pine needle covered single track with some very fast sections but yet a few technical sections to keep you alert. After crossing Rt. 136 there will be a self-serve water station.

    Miles 11-13.1 (Finish). A bit of forest road but mostly single track brings you back to the finish. This g
    1. Jennifer Shultis  - June 29, 12:09 PM
      A note on miles 5-8.... if you like the Wapack Trail Race, Seven Sisters, Escarpment... you will love this section.
    2. Jennifer Shultis  - July 5, 3:01 PM
      We have a new wesbite! Check it out (and report any typos-gulp!) to me, please. Don't see anything you want to know more about? Let me know!
    3. Jennifer Shultis  - July 5, 3:31 PM
      I am considering hosting a race course pre-run at the end of July. If anyone is interested, let me know. It would be two groups, one faster and one slower. Probably the weekend of Julyy 28th.