Moab's Red Hot 50+ 33K, 55K
Moab, UT
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  1. Travis
    Travis Burmaster  - February 18, 3:26 PM
    Hello 2013 Red Hot Runners! I have posted all my pics from the race, and I hope you enjoy them. Unfortunately, I apologize but there are many runners who I could not tag. Please feel free to tag yourself, and please email me at if you would like a better resolution photo. Copy this link to view photos:
    1. Travis Burmaster  - February 18, 3:27 PM<br />
  2. Greg
    Greg Coplen  - February 13, 8:01 AM
    Forgive my ignorance here, but I've never been to Moab or run on the trails there. I hear the words "slick rock" and that's exactly what comes to mind. If there is no ice/snow on the course, are any parts of it really slick? I'm asking because I like to wear road flats on the trails, but I don't want to be sliding around all over the place. Any thoughts are appreciated.

  3. Amy
    Amy Silverman  - February 4, 9:28 PM
    I'm looking for a spot in the 30k if anyone can't run. Will reimburse you for the entrance fee. Email me
    1. Kate S  - February 12, 3:59 PM
      I thought this run was non-transferable. Can you take over someone's registration if they can't run?
    2. Joe Runner  - February 12, 4:16 PM
      Kate, I think Amy would be willing to "rent a bib" from a runner who can't run.
  4. John
    John Straley  - February 12, 10:58 AM
    With no drop bags permitted and with the temperture predicted to be 25 degrees at the start, I would urge the race organizers to start the race EXACTLY ON TIME, because many of us will dress to run and will not want to carry the warm clothes that we would otherwise put into a drop bag. In other words, without drop bags, we will all be freezing at the start until the race begins!
  5. Parker
    Parker Mildenhall  - January 28, 2:11 PM
    Is there a consensus about what type of over shiite traction device is best for this course? I'm due for a new set and am not sure if yaktrax pro is the way to go...
    1. Beth Wolff  - February 7, 3:43 PM
      my experience with the YakTrax Pro on slickrock is that they break within a couple of miles if there isn't a solid snow base. There is a lot of rock on the course, and I don't have any device to recommend, but its looking like we might actually have a pretty dry course so you might not even need them.
    2. Parker Mildenhall  - February 9, 12:26 AM
      That's what I'm hoping too, it sure warmed up in a hurry!
  6. Beth
    Beth Wolff  - February 7, 3:45 PM
    Hey, I'm new to this particular race. Are we going to be provided with sweat bags or should we bring something from home? And is there going to be a numbering system or anything so they don't all get mixed up at the finish line?
  7. Chris
    Chris Curry  - January 28, 4:22 PM
    Hey, Parker,
    Up north in Canada several of us are switching to Salomon Speed Cross 3 Spike version winter running shoes. They come with embedded hobnails about 3/16 in long. The shoes are a bit stiff compared to the older speed cross but they definitely have the grip and bite in icy conditions. Having said that I would not want to do 55 KM on Slickrock if there was little or no snow( see long range forecast for Moab) wearing the hob nail version.
    1. Parker Mildenhall  - January 28, 6:29 PM
      Thanks Chris, I wish I could wear salomon brand does but they are to narrow lasted - I've got new balance that do fine but for ice I'm seeing if there is something more durable than yak trax pros- mine keep getting shredded even on just packed snow.
    2. Kyle Fanning  - January 30, 11:40 AM
      You can make your own screw shoes--very easy and work like a charm:
  8. Parker
    Parker Mildenhall  - January 28, 2:12 PM
    *Shoe not shiite, sorry! Gotta love autocorrect