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  1. Jeff
    Jeff Huff  - July 23, 7:48 PM
    Validation testing done on a large sample size of runners. All nuts correspond perfectly. Mark at Ultrasignup has nailed this very complex algorithm. Many thanks Mark! See, I told you it would be easy!
    1. Wily Woo  - July 23, 7:53 PM
      the nuts correspond to the size of the runner?.. the bigger the runner the bigger the nuts?.. how are you handling this? I do hope Mark used rubber gloves, some people are allergic to latex.. don't want them to have a rash on their nuts.
    2. Jeff Huff  - July 23, 7:57 PM
      Wily, you have too much time on your hands.
    3. Wily Woo  - August 5, 10:29 PM
      i guess my nuts were big enough?
  2. Jeff
    Jeff Huff  - July 26, 7:02 PM
    Time running out, best get registered.
    1. Kevin Green  - July 27, 12:14 PM
      So, I'm very lucky with lotteries, but also still recovering financially from my Grand Slam adventure in 2011. If you get selected into the lottery, you're automatically in and charged $200. Is there any refund policy if one can't end up getting to Hawaii? Just trying to decide if I should throw my name into the hat. Thanks!
    2. Kevin Green  - July 27, 12:22 PM
      Ok, just got that info from the Book of H.U.R.T.
  3. Michael
    Michael Muench  - July 22, 3:50 PM
    Where was the rule about deferring to your Elders? How come only the girls get the right of way? Any woman who is a lap ahead of me is on her own!
    1. Mark Gilligan  - July 22, 7:00 PM
      I need to create a like button.
    2. Wily Woo  - July 22, 4:17 PM
      i like that too.. too funny..
    3. Jeff Huff  - July 23, 7:45 PM
      Who says they get the right of way? Will be interesting to see the stats on that one!
    4. Wily Woo  - July 23, 7:50 PM
      sometimes have to BS the "aloha" on the sign up?
      actually.. it would be cool to have the women fall in the stream.. then take pictures.. there would be a wet t-shirt contest after.. har, har, har...
    5. Jeff Huff  - July 23, 7:56 PM
      ope, there is a BS meter that can see through all that. Similar to a lie detector test. We can sense the trepidation when you hit the keys on the computer.
    6. Carl Gammon  - July 24, 10:16 AM
      I said, "Yes." Chivalry is not dead, race or not. And Mike, when the day comes and I see you on the trail with your walker, I'll give you the right-of-way. Otherwise, you're probably ahead of me anyway.
    7. Michael Muench  - July 24, 9:02 AM
      The only time I don't yield the right of way, overtaking or oncoming, is when I'm facing five or six runners all following the same lead. If it looks like it will take me more than a thirty seconds to yield to the cho-cho train I regard it as my right to just push on. Fair is fair.
    8. Michael Muench  - July 24, 9:02 AM
      Write a comment...
  4. John
    John Salmonson  - July 22, 4:54 PM
    Mike.............couldn't agree more (you're not the only "Elder" in town)!
  5. Melissa
    Melissa Ruse  - July 22, 7:36 PM
    Signed up! :)
  6. Carl
    Carl Gammon  - July 22, 9:33 AM
    Just signed up myself. I'm hoping to see an entrant list on Ultra Signup, or will that only be after the lottery?
    1. Jeff Huff  - July 22, 7:19 AM
      Carl, there will be an entrant list coming. We need to get by the initial surge on the entrant list and make sure all the fields are getting filled appropriately. We are monitoring the process as the registrations come in.
    2. Mark Gilligan  - July 22, 11:07 AM
      Here's the applicant breakdown:
  7. John
    John Salmonson  - July 22, 1:43 AM
    It's 1:30 AM and we have 7 entrants already!
  8. Jeff
    Jeff Huff  - July 21, 5:55 PM
    Registration almost here.