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Squaw Valley, CA
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  1. Christopher
    Christopher Cabbat  - April 16, 9:32 AM
    I just met the qualifier to be able to register for WS. If I do not make the lottery for WS 2014, would I have to qualify again and submit another lottery for WS 2015 but this time getting two names in the bucket and so forth until I get picked? Just want to make certain I understood the entry correct. Thanks!
    1. Mark Gilligan  - April 16, 9:38 AM
      Congrats. Yes, that is correct, you have to qualify for the year your are applying for.
    2. Christopher Cabbat  - April 16, 9:41 AM
      Got it. Thanks, Mark!
    3. Christopher Cabbat  - April 16, 9:46 AM
      Next question: If I do not get picked for WS 2014 and do not do any runs in 2014 to qualify for 2015 but do a run and qualify in 2015 for WS 2016, would I still get two names in the lottery bucket even though I did not register consecutively or would I have to start all over with one lottery ticket?
  2. Sung Ho
    Sung Ho Choi  - December 6, 12:25 AM
    I think this lottery process is silly in my opinion. Race this big should limit the lottery to maybe 10% and rest on runners ability like Boston Marathon.
    1. Jim Kampo  - December 6, 8:27 PM
      That's quite the elitist attitude. WS prides itself in its equal inclusion for all runners who would like to toe the line. (as long as they qualify)
    2. Jim Kampo  - December 9, 12:46 PM
      Looks like you got in Sung. Congratulations. Hopefully you can live up to your elite status.
  3. Jean-Valery
    Jean-Valery Coumans  - December 9, 12:23 AM
    Unfortunately, with the current system there will be runners who are five, six, seven (or more) - time losers while many who do get in do so on the first try! How about letting in six or seven time qualifiers?
  4. Patrick
    Patrick Lyons  - December 8, 1:32 PM
    Perhaps I'm impatient, but its 12:31pm EST and there haven't been any updates to the first lottery winners anywhere. Is UltraLive.net even working yet? Anyone else out there biting their finger nails in anticipation?
  5. Katie
    Katie Keier  - December 2, 5:24 PM
    The credit card that I gave when I entered the lottery has been compromised, and I had to get a new card. Is there a way I can change my payment information? I just don't want to be denied entry if I do get picked because my payment won't go through. Advice? Thanks!
    1. Keira Henninger  - December 2, 2:35 PM
      If you are selected, you will be contacted if we cannot process your card.
    2. Mark Gilligan  - December 2, 2:36 PM
      Sorry, that was sent by me.
    3. Mark Nassi  - December 4, 9:45 PM
    4. Katie Keier  - December 5, 9:19 PM
      Oh good - thank you so much! Fingers crossed!! :)
  6. Benjamin
    Benjamin Chan  - December 4, 9:25 AM
    Has anyone verified the lottery probabilities? I ran a simulation and came up with slightly higher selection probabilities than what's on the WSER website (http://www.wser.org/2012/12/03/dec-8-lottery-details/).
    1. Alberto Lazzerini  - December 5, 10:01 AM
      I have reviewed and agree with the percentages shown on the website of Western States
  7. Ian
    Ian Maddieson  - November 25, 9:56 PM
    So..., applications close with 3577 tickets (roughly, as a handful may get filtered out for lack of verifiable qualification) to go into the GuBrew bucket on December 8. With somewhere on the order of 300 slots to fill — perhaps less — the odds of any one ticket getting picked are about one in twelve. Good luck to all hoping to get in this year.
    1. Ed Hudson  - November 26, 9:34 AM
      Must be the holiday weekend... I thought for sure by now we would see the onslaught of math/statistical probability posts <grin> Good luck all.
    2. Angela Schnuerch  - November 27, 4:06 PM
      Is there just one big bucket?
    3. Peter Healey  - December 1, 8:16 PM
      Hmmm. If one ticket is 1 in 12 chance what would 4 tickets be? Anyone want to take this on?
  8. Meg
    Meg Davey  - November 10, 6:48 PM
    Hi there, what South African races will be considered as qualifiers for the WS?
    1. Daniel Kroeger  - November 10, 5:47 PM
      Hi Meg, you can find the list of qualifying races at http://ws100.com/QualifyingRuns2013.htm. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a race in South Africa on the list.
    2. Ian Maddieson  - November 11, 12:56 AM
      Comrades is certainly considered as a qualifier, among others.
    3. Ian Maddieson  - November 11, 12:57 AM
      Write a comment...
    4. Meg Davey  - November 11, 10:42 AM
      We have the Washie 100, Golden Reef 100 and Comrades which is about 56 miles...
    5. Ian Maddieson  - November 11, 6:43 PM
      I should have said, Comrades has been considered a qualifier in the past. I would expect it would be accepted now, but race management would decide.
    6. Kevin Payne  - November 12, 2:28 PM
      I think Comrades is no longer a qualifier - it was removed, as its a road race.
  9. Colleen
    Colleen Conners-Pace  - November 10, 2:56 PM
    Good luck to all those who are in the lottery!!!!
  10. Ian
    Ian Maddieson  - November 5, 10:02 PM
    Hi Rajen,
    Registration for the 2013 Western States race opens on November 10 — that will be
    effectively November 11 for you in Nepal. If you have met the qualifying requirerments you have a very good chance of being accepted into the race as overseas runners are given preferential entry. You may need to contact the race management if you want to use a local race for your qualifying. Good luck.

    Ian Maddieson
  11. Rajen
    Rajen Shrestha  - November 5, 12:34 AM
    i am from nepal I try regerstration western state 100 mile dosent have regerstration
  12. Rajen
    Rajen Shrestha  - November 5, 12:32 AM
    i would like run 100 mile run 2013
  13. Rajen
    Rajen Shrestha  - November 5, 12:32 AM
    i would like run 100 mile run 2013