The Georgia Death Race 60m
Blairsville, GA
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  1. Jason
    Jason Berry  - January 7, 12:59 PM
    If anyone is interested in sharing a hotel room the night before and after the race, let me know. I'm glad to throw down a sleeping bag.
  2. Stephanie
    Stephanie Roberts  - December 23, 10:51 AM
    Fingers crossed that I get in when those last 50 spots open up!!! This is going to be an epic race!
  3. Mimi
    Mimi Hughes  - December 18, 3:21 PM
    See you at the Georgia Death Race Fat Ass 50 on the 29th! Sounds like fun....
  4. Christian
    Christian Dahlhausen  - November 22, 6:40 PM
    Is there a wait list?
    1. Darlene Baltimore  - November 29, 5:51 PM
      I would love to get oin the wait list if there is one!