Way Too Cool 50km
Cool, CA
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  1. Anandi
    Anandi Heart-Ruhle  - March 10, 5:09 PM
    Not on the results page either. Finished 7:40:10
    1. Jeff Russell  - March 12, 10:14 AM
      The results are on two pages. Did you check p. 2?
  2. Ashley
    Ashley Doyle  - March 10, 7:31 AM
    Uh I'm not on the results :( I did finish and it was on the slower end, but It would still be nice to have a digital record lol!
    1. Jeff Russell  - March 12, 10:13 AM
      The results are on two pages. Did you check p. 2?
  3. Bruce
    Bruce Cyra  - March 10, 9:59 PM
    Also, about the times- are they "chip times" or "gun times"? I don't remember seeing anyone two seconds ahead of me.
    1. Craig Lore  - March 10, 10:50 PM
      There were two different waves, 10 minutes apart. Somebody in a different wave finished ten minutes apart from you, minus two seconds.
  4. Jamie
    Jamie Dreher  - February 14, 12:15 PM
    please don't tell me i stalled at no. 1 on the wait list, been stuck there for days,
  5. Mandy
    Mandy Wong  - February 6, 9:42 PM
    Hello, I'm trying to contact Julie Fingar, the RD for WTC 50km... can someone help direct me to her? :)
    1. Mandy Wong  - February 6, 9:44 PM
      Nevermind, I got it!
  6. Mandy
    Mandy Wong  - February 6, 9:43 PM
    (the contact link under her name on the WTC sign up doesn't work)
  7. Lisa
    Lisa Cyra  - December 12, 2:02 PM
    I have moved up to 138 from in the 150's on the wait list, hoping I make it in so I can join my wife at WTC!
    1. Bruce Cyra  - December 12, 2:03 PM
      Me too! Gotta join Lisa at WTC!