TARC 100 50m, 100m
Westwood, MA
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  1. Sharon
    Sharon Kelley  - June 10, 12:03 PM
    All - Given the bugs and posion ivy would it make sense to run in gators light weight tights and a long sleeve tech shirt? And cheap gloves? Good thing it will be dark for the most part. Any ideas about what to put on the head? Not too many times teen age sons can use the words awSome and crazy in be same sentence when talking about their mom. This should be great.
    See you all Friday.
    1. Sharon Kelley  - June 10, 12:30 PM
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  2. Robert
    Robert Campbell  - April 9, 1:58 PM
    What is the pacer / crew policy for this 100 miler?
  3. Dan
    Dan Ozlanski  - January 11, 9:53 PM
    Looking at the course map , it appears to be complicated ? Is there a better map of the run ?
  4. Erik
    Erik Rosum  - December 9, 6:35 PM
    Hi everyone! 100 miles!!