Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs 50K, 50 Miler, 100 Miler
Carson City, NV
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  1. John
    John Vaupel  - July 25, 6:01 PM
    I remember at least three photographers on the course, you know the ones that take the embarrassing pictures where I think I look like Hal Koerner but the photo really looks like Larry the Cable Guy sprinting for a hot dog...are any of those photos available yet?
    1. Peter Broomhall  - July 26, 5:58 AM
      On the subject there was also a photographer at the dp aid station when i went through there saturday night that took a ton of pictures of me interacting with my family aka crew and most especially my daughter. I would love to get in touch with this photographer if possible. Thanks so much for the best event I have ever been a part of. I will rememebeer this experience for the rest of my life.
  2. Tina
    Tina Hyde  - July 22, 8:36 PM
    George! THANK YOU, SO MUCH for such an amazing, well-organized race. TRT100 was my first 100 mile attempt. I missed the cut off at mile 85. I WILL be back for that buckle next year. I can tell you that I now have a brand new respect for the TRT and the 100 mile distance! Your volunteers went above and beyond at every aid station -- I felt well taken care of the entire race. It was hot and I know they suffered just like us and I truly appreciate every bit of effort they put forward to keep us runners moving along. You are an awesome race director and you sure know how to make an event a memorable one. I didn't get that buckle this year - but I learned a lot about the 100 mile journey and am not disappointed. You have a lot to do with that :) Thanks for everything!
    1. George Ruiz  - July 25, 6:08 AM
      Thank you Tina. The email you sent me last night brought a tear to my eye. 85 miles on a tough course and very tough conditions is something to be proud of and build on. Thank you for your positive attitude.
  3. Mark
    Mark Tanaka  - July 22, 8:35 AM
    Hi, George-- thanks to your crew and all the volunteers for another great race. We all know looking at the results (in Ultrasignup) that "118 participants" should really read "118 finishers." Can you tell me/us the number of starters in each of the races? This is an important statistic that (quite unfortunately) disappears when Ultrasignup handles the results.
    1. Mark Gilligan  - July 22, 8:48 AM
      Mark, we would love to display the starter count for each event in our system, but the reality is we barely are able to get results for many events. That is a number that is often missed. However, we can and ARE going to start listing how many people were registered for an event. IT will be your job then to guess how many of those were DNS vs DNF. I agree on the labeling, I will get that added to the new site.
    2. George Ruiz  - July 22, 9:15 AM
      Mark - There were 200 starters in the 100 mile race. So we had our lowest finishing percentage in the 100 mile at TRT at 59%. We historically average 66%. So the hottest race ever at TRT did provide a lot more Hell on the course that normal.
  4. Stephen
    Stephen Strauss  - July 17, 9:54 AM
    I cannot find the Email with the Goodie bag, can you resend to me.
    1. Harlan Reymont  - July 17, 12:19 PM
      Good afternoon George. I can't find the email with the "virtual goodie bag" either. Would it be possible to resend?
    2. Mark Tanaka  - July 17, 1:07 PM
      Ah, I am not alone. I suspect many of us didn't get the email.
    3. Mark Tanaka  - July 17, 1:22 PM
      I just sent Angela Sullivan an email about this. Maybe she will send out again.
    4. Shannon Hataway  - July 17, 3:06 PM
      Mark and Stephen, I've resent directly to you. I'll send to Harlan as well. Also, it is now pinned to the top of the TRT Endurance Runs Facebook page.
    5. Harlan Reymont  - July 17, 4:02 PM
      Got it. Thanks!!! See you all on Friday!!!
  5. Shannon
    Shannon Hataway  - July 17, 3:15 PM
    TRT Endurance Runs Virtual Goodie Bag is now pinned to the top of Tahoe Rim Trail Runs Facebook Page. Get the last minute run down on the event! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and take advantage of the coupons at the bottom.
  6. Vivian
    Vivian Stanley  - July 17, 11:47 AM
    -When are Tunnel Creek 50-Mile drop bags expected to arrive at the finish?
    -How often will the shuttle do a trip from finish to host hotel?
    What a beautiful course! I am looking forward to Saturday. Thank you!
  7. Mark
    Mark Tanaka  - July 17, 9:07 AM
    I never received an email with a virtual goodie bag last Friday. Anyway I can get one sent? I am sure it is not in my spam folder (I just checked) or put in my trash.
    "In the virtual goodie bag emailed out last Friday, you will see coupons at some restaurants like the High Sierra Brewery and Comma Coffee and Sassafras, all great places, clip the coupons and check them out!"
  8. James
    James Catron  - July 17, 9:55 AM
    Hi George. I am trying to figure out if I have paid for a bus ticket from the host hotel to the starting line. I have looked through my email reciepts and the make no mention of the bus ticket. Is there a list out there in cyber space that we and access to find out if we have paid for this service?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 17, 8:50 AM
      James one super busy settings up the course. You need to email Angela Sullivan the registration director.
  9. Tina
    Tina Hyde  - July 16, 9:35 PM
    Hi George! I noticed on ultrasignup, my bib # is different from the bib # that is listed on ultralive.net ...... do you know which one is actually going to be on my bib? Thanks George! LOoking forward to the big day!
    1. George Ruiz  - July 16, 10:31 PM
      Tina do not pay attention to the bibs on Ultralive. That was a practice set up for us. It will be loaded with the bibs numbers that are on Ultra Signup before the race; those are the correct bib numbers.
  10. Shavinder
    Shavinder Singh  - July 14, 9:03 PM
    George, Thanks for putting this together and special thanks for being so prompt on the responses on this forum and the facebook page. I really appreciate it. Another question about the dropbags. I saw the dimensions for the dropbag. I understood that. Just want to confirm that I can leave a small thermos that meets the dimensions for my drop bag (at Hobart and Tunnel Creek). It looks like this: http://www.zorotools.com/g/00118138/k-G4308674

    Thanks again.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 14, 9:19 PM
      Yes you can do this as long as it is not too heavy.
    2. Shavinder Singh  - July 14, 10:39 PM
      Thanks George.
    3. Russell Johnson  - July 15, 10:06 PM
      I just want to echo what Shavinder said about your being so good with communication. It's infuriating when you can't get an answer to a simple question from a RD (I know you are extremely busy). It really makes a difference, thanks George and see you at the finish line!
  11. Richard
    Richard Prestia  - July 14, 7:45 PM
    Hey George, getting super excited here. Tis is my first time running TRT. It says in the 100 info that snow valley peak is a drop bag location. A friend of mine that runs it every year says that the snow valley peak never was a drop bag location and I should double check to make sure. Thanks for your time.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 14, 8:28 PM
      Hi Richard if the website say snow valley peak is a drop bag spot I apologize it is not. Only tunnel, diamond and Hobart and 50 mile.
      Quite honestly tunnel is all you need to plan your race. Maybe on at 50 mile but with six visits to tunnel....
      I hope this helps.
  12. Todd
    Todd Boese  - July 7, 11:13 PM
    Only two weeks left! A couple quick questions...
    Will we find out our bib numbers before packet pickup so that we can mark our drop bags and gear?
    Also, what aid stations / miles will be updated on ultralive.net during the race?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 8, 7:08 PM
      Hi Todd - There is a possibilty of having bib number available prior to check-in but it is not something we have done the past so I won't promise it. We will have black sharpie pens for marking you drop bags at check in.

      The aid stations reported on Ultralive.net will be:

      Tunnel Creek 11 miles
      Tunnel Creek 17.3
      Diamond Peak 30 miles
      Tunnel Creek 35 miles
      Snow Valley Peak 43.1
      50 mile
      For the 100 mile runners the sequence is repeated for the second 50 miles.
      The 50K does not go to Diamond Peak.
      I hope this helps.
    2. Matt Deibler  - July 11, 10:25 AM
      Will TRTLive.com also be updated real time, or will you just be using Ultralive.net this year? How much of a time lag is there between runner check-in at the station and when the times are reported on line?
    3. Todd Boese  - July 12, 2:25 PM
      Great! Thank you so much.
    4. George Ruiz  - July 12, 3:15 PM
      Matt ultralive. Lag time? Who knows, maybe 15-20 minutes.
    5. George Ruiz  - July 12, 3:15 PM
      Write a comment...
  13. Janice
    Janice Lisle  - July 12, 6:26 AM
    Ok another question. If I'm reading the aid station list correctly does the 50 milers go from mile 17.3 to mile 30.3 without an aid station?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 12, 8:31 AM
      About 3.5 miles from Tunnel Creek a/s there is the Bull Wheel aid station. It is a limited aid station with mainly water and sports drink. No ice. From there it is approximately 9 miles to Diamond Peak aid station. BE PREPARED TO CARRY ENOUGH FLUIDS TO TAKE YOU NINE MILES IN THE HEAT. I suggest an additional hand bottle bin your Tunnel Creek drop bag just for this Diamond Peak loop. There are no streams to fill up with in this section.
    2. Janice Lisle  - July 12, 9:07 AM
      Thank you so much! I'm packing a extra bottle!
  14. Rich
    Rich Deborba  - July 11, 2:52 PM
    How likely are some of us who are in the 150+ on the waitlist at getting into the event?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 11, 8:01 PM
      Rich I'd like to be positive but not likely. Sorry about that. We are just not getting many runners withdrawing from the race so we are full.
    2. Rich Deborba  - July 11, 10:11 PM
      No worries, I am the silly one that waited too long to sign up. I'll be there next year!!!
  15. Janice
    Janice Lisle  - July 11, 10:50 AM
    I am doing the 50 miler. I am slow and steady :)
    I'm assuming I will be at Diamond Peak at the cutoff time of 3:45 real time. In the training run it took me 50 minutes to climb the big hill. That gives me about 35 minutes to go 3 miles to the next cutoff time of 5:11 real time at mile 35.3
    How firm are these two cut off times?
    Oh I enjoyed the training run. Thank you!
    1. George Ruiz  - July 11, 11:54 AM
      Janice - 50 minutes for the DP climb is pretty darn good! No need to worry about those cut-offs, the only one that you need to be concerned with is the 16:30 cut-off at the finish line. You won't have any problems doing that. See you next week.
  16. Angela
    Angela Aldrich  - July 5, 6:10 PM
    Are trekking poles allowed in the race?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 5, 8:17 PM
      Yes they are Angela. If you don't plan on using them the entire time you can even stash in you Tunnel Creek drop bag for just the more rugged sections of the course.
    2. Angela Aldrich  - July 6, 5:48 AM
      Excellent! I remember reading it on the website but couldn't find that info anymore. Just wanted to make sure! Thank you for the quick response!
    3. Carolyn Hennessey  - July 10, 1:27 PM
      Which are the most rugged sections?
    4. George Ruiz  - July 10, 1:51 PM
      I would say from Tunnel Creek around the red house loop and to Diamond Peak and back.
    5. Carolyn Hennessey  - July 10, 2:21 PM
      Thanks George
    6. George Ruiz  - July 11, 9:52 AM
      Write a comment...
  17. Michael
    Michael Brewer  - July 11, 8:31 AM
    is there a shuttle going from the start/finish to Diamond Peak for the 100 milers? We need to pick up my pacer's vehicle?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 11, 9:51 AM
      Michael the shuttle service totally depends on how many volunteer drivers we have after the race begins. If we have drivers through out the day on Saturday we can take pacers to Diamond Peak. It will be the type of thing were there will need to be a few folks headed to Diamond Peak, not just one.
      There will be no shuttles to Diamond Peak on Sunday. So if your pacer drives and leaves their car there it's their problem to figure out.

      I hope this helps you plan accordingly.
  18. John
    John McKiernan  - July 10, 9:55 PM
    Are there any cutoff times for Red House or Bull Wheel aid stations ? I don't see any in the data online.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 11, 9:24 AM
      There are no cut-offs at either of those two aid stations. The two firm cut-offs are at Tunnel Creek at mile 67.5 and at Diamond Peak at mile 80.
    2. George Ruiz  - July 11, 9:25 AM
      Oh and I forgot to mention a firm cut-off at mile at 16:45.
  19. Tho
    Tho Le  - July 10, 1:14 PM
    Are there any stream crossings on the course? I am planning out my drop bags, and I'm wondering about the best place to have a change of socks.
    Tho H. Le
    1. George Ruiz  - July 10, 1:50 PM
      Tho that only place you could get your feet wet is at the Red House on the red house loop. But that stream is very low this year.
      By far the best p@ace for a drop bag is Tunnel Creek a/s.
    2. Tho Le  - July 10, 2:05 PM
      Thanks for the quick reply George. I have been thinking about TRT100 for a long time, and I am really looking forward to this race.
  20. Richard
    Richard Prestia  - July 9, 4:22 PM
    Hey George, I was wondering if the Victory bags (Bear II) fit the drop bag criteria? I think I seen something say 6x8x16 and that what mine measures out to. Thanks for your time.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 9, 4:45 PM
      Hi Richard we will accept any of the Victory bags, seeing how we give them as age group finishers awards!
  21. Carolyn
    Carolyn Hennessey  - June 26, 8:02 PM
    I have one pacer for the 100m. What are the pros and cons about having them start at mile 50 or the second time thru Diamond? Is the course more difficult in one half or the other?
    1. George Ruiz  - June 26, 8:16 PM
      Carolyn that's a good question. Is your pacer planning on going the full 50 miles? I would say the course is more difficult from 50 to 80 at Diamond Peak. Lots of dark moments in that time frame. There is only 20 miles to go after Diamond Peak the second time. That's just me, you know your resolve and how you finish a race.

      Hope that helps, see you soon.


    2. Jennifer Ennis  - June 28, 9:19 AM
      agree with what George said. I would much rather have a pacer with me on the Red House Loop during the night than after Diamond Peak in daylight.
    3. Jason Chan  - July 2, 5:05 PM
      I agree with both George and Jennifer. Very low times for me in 2011 from miles 70-80. I did not use a pacer but would have been nice.
    4. Carolyn Hennessey  - July 9, 4:07 PM
      Thanks for the info. My pacer is going to be at mile 50 - see you there!
    5. George Ruiz  - July 9, 4:43 PM
      Cool, good choice!
  22. Rachael
    Rachael Woods  - July 2, 8:05 PM
    Hi there,
    I'm wondering if anyone (or any two people) would feel like doing some pacing. I'm running the 100-mile race. If so, that would be great.
    1. Crissy Gee  - July 3, 2:24 PM
      What time will you need a pacer and from which aid station? Let me know.
    2. Rachael Woods  - July 4, 10:36 AM
      Hi Crissy, Thanks for the note! I'm definitely looking for someone from mile 80 (Diamond Peak lodge) to the finish. Would that be something you'd be interested in doing? If so, then I will have a look at what time I expect to arrive at that point.
    3. Crissy Gee  - July 9, 3:19 PM
      Rachel you can e-mail me at christinagee@yahoo.com
  23. Richard
    Richard Prestia  - July 6, 4:37 PM
    #1 - Is there going to be a site for family members/friends to track our progress?
    #2 - Have you guys also figured out how we are coming into the diamond peak aid station. During the training runs I thought I heard that there was a dam problem or something like that.
    #3 - I just want to check distances to aid station also. On day 1 tunnel creek staff said it was 7 miles back and it was actually 12 and on day 2 of the training runs the web site states that Hobart is 6 miles out but it was more like almost 8 miles. Were the aid stations those days in the correct sites?
    Thank for your time and support.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 7, 6:17 AM
      #1. The race tracking will be on Ultralight.net
      #2. I don't have an answer to the question yet but will make an announcement when I do.
      #3. The staff at run.else creek are volunteers and had the wrong distance. But hey it's a training run for $10, plus food and beer at the end.
      The mileage to Hobert was long because of where the run started from. From the start line it's correct.

      Try and not stress over the details and just enjoy the race.
    2. Richard Prestia  - July 7, 11:22 AM
      Thanks for all the info. I know it was a training run with great food and people, I was just curious so my crew/saftey runners would have correct info. I'm not stressing, I'm actually excited and can't wait.
  24. Angela
    Angela Aldrich  - July 7, 6:24 AM
    Will there be porta potties at each aid station?
    1. George Ruiz  - July 7, 6:59 AM
      Yes there will be porta potties at Hobart and Tunnel Creek. Diamond Peak has bathrooms. The rest of the course is too remote to get porta potties to.
    2. Angela Aldrich  - July 7, 7:48 AM
      Thank you!
  25. Robert
    Robert Bortolin  - July 2, 6:22 PM
    The website says that 'it is permissible to change safety runners at Hobart and Tunnel creek aid stations. I have people that want to hike to TC and run with me for either the Red Box loop or TC to Diamond Peak. Is that allowed? ie safety runners starting at TC instead of Spooner.
    1. George Ruiz  - July 2, 7:05 PM
      Robert it is only if they have sign for and picked up their number to do so. That can be picked up at the packet pick up on Friday or at Spooner start/finish area or Diamond Peak on Saturday. Also this is only permitted on the second 50 mile loop, there are no pacers for 100 mile runners in the first 50 miles.
      Also because there are so many now at TC aid station the aid station captain said she will rope off the aid station to prevent crew from entering the aid station. It get's way to chaotic with runners going three different directions plus crew members getting in the way.
    2. Robert Bortolin  - July 3, 10:03 AM
      Thanks George. Yes, this would only be on loop 2. I will pass on to my crew that they will not have aid station access at TC. If the safety runners are 100% set on running those loops I will make sure they have bibs before.
    3. Lina McCain  - July 5, 7:30 PM
      Just to clarify, since I have two pacers, neither of which is able to come in on Friday: Pacer 1 can sign in at Spooner and Pacer 2 can sign in at Diamond Peak, or does pacer 2 have to sign in at Spooner first? Also, do they get bibs and if so, a shared bib or separate bibs? Thanks!
    4. George Ruiz  - July 5, 8:27 PM
      Lina - There is one only pace bib for you so you pacers will have to us the same one. So pacer #1 can sign in at Spooner, Pacer # can sign in at Diamond and just hand off the bib.
    5. Lina McCain  - July 5, 8:39 PM
      Thanks, George! You are so on top of things. Much appreciated.
  26. Joe
    Joe Steinmetz  - July 4, 11:48 AM
    Just FYI for the web master on the TRT website. A few links seem to be broken, such as the link to the cut off times. Just making my spreadsheet for my crew.
    1. Shavinder Singh  - July 4, 12:33 PM
      Works for me! http://www.tahoemtnmilers.org/trter/TRTcutoff.html
    2. Joe Steinmetz  - July 4, 12:38 PM
      Very odd. Not work here: Not Found

      HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
    3. Shavinder Singh  - July 5, 10:56 AM
      Joe, I might be facing today what you were facing yesterday... some links are not working for me today also...
    4. Joe Steinmetz  - July 5, 11:33 AM
      Yeah, pretty much nothing works for me. I figure they will get it fixed soon. In the mean time I will just assume the cut off times won't be an issue :)
    5. Angela Aldrich  - July 5, 1:24 PM
      The link is broken. Any ideas when it will be back up?
    6. Angela Aldrich  - July 5, 6:09 PM
      Link is working now, thank you :-)
    7. George Ruiz  - July 5, 8:20 PM
      The website did have hiccup but is all good now.
  27. John
    John McKiernan  - July 2, 9:21 AM
    I am looking for a "safety-runner", from Spooner Lake to Diamond Peak. I am aiming for a 31-33 hour finish, so I would leave Spooner Lake about 8 PM Saturday 7/20 and arrive at Diamond Peak about 6 AM Sunday 7/21 . [ jmckiernan (at) pacbell (.net) ]
    1. George Ruiz  - July 2, 5:13 PM
      John I posted in the TRT Facebook page that there is someone looking for pacers, so you may want to check that site also. Good luck!
    2. John McKiernan  - July 4, 1:49 PM
      Many thanks, George ! Within 24 hours, I had several contacts and chose one from Tahoe areas. It's all good !
  28. John
    John Stanfield  - May 28, 8:18 PM
    Does anyone recommend gaiters for the 100? Some pictures I've seen seem to be sandy trails. I was looking into getting some soon if it's recommended.

    1. Mark Gilligan  - May 28, 6:26 PM
      Hi John, I have never worn gaiters at an event, but if I were to chose one race to use them at, this would be it. I recall several times stopping to clear my shoes. I actually welcomed the breaks, so it wasn't all that bad. Best of luck, whatever you choose.
    2. George Ruiz  - May 28, 7:02 PM
      John, Mark hit it right on the mark. The trail surface for much printer course is a DG surface amenity will get rocks in your shoes on the TRT course. Unless you embrace welcomed breaks to empty your shoes I suggest them. -GR
    3. John Stanfield  - June 1, 8:48 PM
      Thanks Mark & George. Since I've never owned any does anyone have a specific model that has worked in the past. I'd like to get some to have in two weeks at the training runs.
    4. George Ruiz  - June 2, 5:22 AM
      John if you want to look manly I recommend gaiters by Joe Trailman @ http://www.joetrailman.com/ If you want to look colorful that Dirty Girl Gaiters @ http://www.dirtygirlgaiters.com/
    5. Russell Johnson  - July 4, 3:54 PM
      +! for Dirty Girl
  29. Joe
    Joe Steinmetz  - July 3, 9:08 PM
    Assuming i have an official safety trailing me into the finish, can I still have my wife and daughter accompany me last few miles into the finish? Or would this be violating the one safety at a time rule?
    1. Peter Broomhall  - July 3, 9:32 PM
      This is a great question my Dad would like to run the last mile or two as well. Be nice if this was allowed.
    2. George Ruiz  - July 4, 7:06 AM
      Happy Independence Day guys. By all means you family members can take you to the finish. We encourage it at TRT. If fact if they wanted to pick you up at Spooner Summit that is about 1.7 miles from the finish.
    3. Joe Steinmetz  - July 4, 11:47 AM
      Thanks George.
  30. Russell
    Russell Johnson  - June 28, 9:48 AM
    I'd like to find a "safety runner", preferably from Spooner to Diamond Peak, aiming for a 28-30 hour finish so I'd be leaving Spooner about 6 p.m. rcj5(at)me.com
  31. Heather
    Heather Mastrianni  - May 4, 11:54 AM
    Does anyone know if the wait list is separated by distances? If I'm second on the 100mile list do I have a chance at getting in?
    1. John Vaupel  - May 4, 1:56 PM
      Hi Heather. I'm not a race official, just another runner, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on the website or Facebook that they just take the next person on the list regardless of their distance. For instance if a 100 miler drops out and a 50K is next on the list the 50K race gets one person added to it and the 100 mile race loses a runner. They're only concern is the total number of runners from all three races, not the number within in each distance.
    2. Heather Mastrianni  - May 4, 4:15 PM
      Thanks for your response, thought this might be the case.
    3. George Ruiz  - May 9, 12:26 PM
      Hi Heather - John is correct that we just take who is next on the wait list.
      There is currently very little movement with runners dropping for the race so movement on the wait list is slow also. I think most runners that are in are planning on running the race. I hope this helps. - George Ruiz
    4. Heather Mastrianni  - May 11, 9:40 AM
    5. George Ruiz  - June 2, 5:48 AM
      Heather I think you asked about a pet friendly home or condo in the Carson City area, check this website. http://www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/usa/nevada/carson-city. Oh and don't forget to get your trail work done!
    6. Heather Mastrianni  - June 3, 1:03 PM
      Hi George, I have my trail work scheduled for June 15th so I will fax the form as soon as I finish that day. Is that okay?
    7. George Ruiz  - June 3, 5:38 PM
      Yes that's perfect; thank you Heather! I look forward to meeting you in July.
  32. Heather
    Heather Mastrianni  - June 1, 5:36 PM
    Hi, Does anyone know of a pet friendly cabin or small vacation home we could rent near Carson City for a few days during the race? Thanks!
    1. John Stanfield  - June 1, 8:46 PM
      I've rented multiple houses from vrbo.com and homeaway.com I would start there.
  33. Tabitha
    Tabitha Hedrick  - April 25, 1:21 PM
    Does anyone know what happened to the list of 50-mile entrants? It is completely gone, from what I can see....
    1. Mark Gilligan  - April 25, 10:25 AM
      Should be there now.
    2. Tabitha Hedrick  - April 25, 1:33 PM
    3. Tabitha Hedrick  - April 25, 1:34 PM
      (I like how it shows that you're answering my question 3 hours before I ask it. NICE psychic powers!!! ;-) )
  34. John
    John Stanfield  - January 6, 2:47 PM
    What is the normal high temperature for the 100 miler? I know it can vary quite a bit, but I was curious what is normal.

    1. Peter Broomhall  - January 8, 11:22 AM
      The average high during july for tahoe is 80 degrees. Here is alink from weather.com for you.<br /><br />http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/vacationplanner/climatology/daily/USCA0584?climoMonth=7&from=vac_monavg
    2. Peter Fain  - January 9, 10:13 PM
      That's tough because, what is hot in Auburn is different in Tahoe. The heat up here sucks your mostuire, so, my gut tells you to prepare for lots of dry heat. I've crossed the highest point at 90 degrees if that helps.
    3. John Stanfield  - March 14, 6:02 PM
      I live in Oklahoma and I can sweat over 100oz an hour running in 110 degrees. It's a very humid hot here so I'm hoping for 70's or less race day.
    4. George Ruiz  - March 22, 5:33 PM
      John I would listen to Peter. We have lots of runners that come from humid climates and first suffer from dehydration and then suffer from hypothermia. Because you don't really sweat here you think you're fine but in reality you may be using even more fluids.
  35. Sara
    Sara Lewis  - January 1, 12:23 PM
    Does anyone know how to view the waiting list?
    1. Gary Culver  - January 1, 3:11 PM
      Viewing wait list was easy last year .. This year .. Not so much .. ; (
    2. Ken Brunt  - January 1, 5:47 PM
      Just hit the wait list icon. It's available.
    3. George Ruiz  - February 17, 6:20 AM
      Thanks Ken I'm not sure it cohld be easier.
  36. Matt
    Matt Deibler  - January 1, 8:20 PM
    Can anyone tell me the % of 100 milers who don't run with a safety runner at night for the TRT100? Is it fairly easy for your crew to get to the Tunnel Creek Aid Station? Thanks in advance!
    1. Chet Fairbank  - January 1, 9:17 PM
      Matt, I'm the Tunnel Creek Captain. Many runners run without a pacer/safety runner, but I couldn't venture a guess at how what % it is. As for access to T.C. by crew, in short, it's not an easily accessible aid station. The aid station is located in the backcountry and the only way for crew to get in is via a 3 +/- hike up from Highway 28 at the old Ponderosa Ranch site up to the Rim Trail, and it's a bit of a hump. If you have any other questions about T.C. feel free to shoot me an email.
    2. Chet Fairbank  - January 1, 9:18 PM
      Yikes, this isn't Chet, it's his wife Micheline. Sorry 'bout that.
  37. Chris
    Chris Streeter  - January 1, 10:36 AM
    Is this really sold out already?
    1. Tho Le  - January 1, 11:43 AM
      I think the race sold out in under 8 hours.
    2. John Stanfield  - January 1, 3:46 PM
      Yeah it sold out by 8am
  38. Russell
    Russell Johnson  - January 1, 4:56 AM