Rio Del Lago 100 Miler
Granite Bay, CA
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  1. Sean
    Sean McPherson  - October 17, 10:34 PM
    Hi everyone,
    I hope you are all excited and in taper mode for Rio Del Lago in a few weeks. I am not running it this year, but I would like to help out by pacing anyone who could use a buddy in the early morning hours :) I know the trails from No-Hand to the finish quite well, so I promise I won't get you lost!!

    Good luck everyone!!
    1. Mark Tanaka  - October 22, 10:54 AM
      Hi, Sean-- I usually don't request pacers (and maybe there is someone who would need you more) but if you haven't hooked up with someone-- about when did you want to be running and about how fast (or slow)?
    2. Mark Tanaka  - October 22, 10:54 AM
      Hi, Sean-- I usually don't request pacers, but if you haven't hooked up with someone-- about when did you want to be running and about how fast (or slow)?
    3. Sean McPherson  - October 23, 9:50 PM
      Hi Mark (a legend in our time :)),
      My participation would be all about the runner. I don't mind running any hour of the day/night and I think I could manage anything above 9 min pace (average) over the last segment. Slower is never an issue, but I am just not in shape right now to go below 9 min/mile for 20+ miles. Let me know if I can help.

    4. Mark Tanaka  - October 27, 2:17 PM
      Hi, Sean. I don't plan on running any of the 2nd half faster than 9 minute per mile on average.
      A dad of my son's soccer teammate and occasional newbie ultrarunner was interested in pacing me (and there is a big state tournament in Sacramento that weekend). I don't know the match schedule yet, but I think he would really love an excuse to get a good run in that weekend. I think starting at Cool would be too long for him, so maybe he would prefer Beals to Beals (last 22 miles). Would you be interested in starting at Cool (either Cool to Cool or Cool to Beals)? Though then there is the transportation issue.
      Again, if someone else asked for a pacer, feel free to help him or her.
    5. Sean McPherson  - October 28, 10:12 PM
      Hi Mark,
      I was actually asked by a friend of a friend for assistance. He is a little bit of a newbie himself (as am I). So if you don't mind I think he could use my help a little more.

      Best of luck with the race. I hope to see you out there. I will be cheering for sure!!
    6. Mark Tanaka  - October 29, 4:42 PM
      Sounds great-- by all means I would prefer you help your newbie friend. See you that weekend!
  2. Aaron
    Aaron Steele  - October 27, 3:33 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm staying at Larkspur Landing in Roseville. I'd love to hitch a ride to the start on Saturday morning if possible. I think my family would rather sleep in. :)


    (510) 859-3180
  3. Aaron
    Aaron Steele  - October 9, 10:17 AM
    Hey everyone, just curious where people are staying on Friday night. Any good hotel recommendations in the area? There's Larkspur Landing in Sacramento which is really great, but maybe a little far. Thanks!
    1. Todd Boese  - October 10, 6:28 PM
      Aaron, you might also want to check for places in Roseville (very close to Granite Bay). I stayed at the Larkspur Landing in Roseville before Way Too Cool back in March and it was great.
    2. Aaron Steele  - October 16, 10:20 AM
      Thanks Todd! I can't believe I missed Larkspur Landing there. Perfect. :)