Beast of Burden - Summer 100 Miler, 24hrs, 50 Miler
Lockport, NY
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  1. Josue
    Josue Ayala  - January 3, 6:07 AM
    heading up from Brooklyn NY. anyone from the area who wants to join me. usually I drive my self. this time Im planning to come back on Monday afternoon.
  2. Olivier
    Olivier Kozlowski  - November 26, 12:33 PM
    Just signed up for winter 2019 100. Is this forum still in use?
  3. Barbara
    Barbara Lindke  - August 25, 12:58 PM
    Just registered for the 25 miler for 2018 winter and summer.
  4. Gary
    Gary Goodman  - January 18, 7:32 AM
    chaii , Hello..Is there a registered list for 2017??
  5. Jane
    Jane G  - January 15, 5:56 PM
    Hi, does anyone know what happened to the entrant list page for the Beast of Burden. Went to check just now on the site and can't find it anywhere?! Thanks!
  6. Todd
    Todd Wilson  - December 10, 9:39 PM
    I just obligated myself for the Winter BOB. I knew I needed to just bite the bullet, so here I am.
    1. Todd Wilson  - December 23, 3:36 PM
      I'd like to know if anyone runs the winter beast with a hydration vest and if compression socks are a good idea. Anyone?
    2. Christopher Regan  - January 9, 6:36 PM
      I was planning to wear a hydration vest. I haven't worn compression socks in a while so wasn't planning that. Maybe for the drive home.
  7. David
    David Pfalzer  - August 6, 5:17 PM
    I am a first timer. What should I put in my drop bags and do they need to be a certain kind of material ?
  8. Tommy
    Tommy Pyon  - November 16, 12:57 PM
    Have you guys set a date for the 2016 Summer 100 race? Thanks!
  9. Francis
    Francis Kwok  - October 28, 1:52 PM
    Hi. What is the cutoff time for the 50 miler in the summer? TIA.
  10. Dawn
    Dawn Herrick  - July 13, 12:17 PM
    Are the blinking red lights required on the front and back? I see it says 'front and back' in one section and 'back' on another. Just wanna know how many to get !!! Thank you!
    1. Lauren Hadley  - August 2, 4:46 PM
      Required on back - recommended on front and back :)
    2. Dawn Herrick  - August 5, 10:28 AM
      Thank you
  11. Denise
    Denise Robbins  - June 28, 10:36 AM
    Anyone recommend hotel accommodations close to start/finish?
  12. Dawn
    Dawn Herrick  - June 2, 2:29 PM
    First 100 miler person here. Question regarding potty stations. Is there a potty between the start/finish and that middle aide station, the 7 mile stretch? Will potties be anywhere other than the aide stations? (cuz I'm one of those people with a sensitive tummy and I'm kinda freaked out). Thank you,
    1. Brett Sobieraski  - June 2, 7:22 PM
      Yes there is a potty in the middle at the Gasport aid station. There are no other potties except for at the aid stations. Most of the course is rather secluded and border woodlots so I would suggest bringing some tissues because when you got to go, you got to go. I have done this several times and no one gets offended.
  13. Keith
    Keith Pedzich  - March 23, 2:50 PM
    If a "pacer" registers for the 25 miler, does a loop with a runner, can they start at night and still qualify for a medal?
  14. Tracey
    Tracey Kryskowiak  - January 17, 7:05 AM
    I'm confused...Are we only allowed the one drop bag at the turn around or can we have one at the start/finish turn around also? I'm probably over thinking all this, sorry, race nerves are setting in!
    1. Heather Heij  - January 20, 12:35 PM
      You can have one at the start/finish and turn around.
  15. Todd
    Todd Mcauley  - January 2, 4:19 PM
    Is there anywhere on the course I can leave a bag with an extra pair of running shoes, socks, etc with access to during the race? What will the aid stations be stocked with?
  16. Christopher
    Christopher Provost  - November 17, 7:48 PM
    I'm crewing and pacing my brother-in-law for this race. What do people recommend for carrying water? Will insulated water bottles do? He tried using a hydration pack last time and that didn't work out so well. The water in the hose froze and he got dehydrated and had to DNF. Looking for alternatives.
    1. Eric Bellavance  - December 1, 11:43 AM
      I use Hydratation Pack but under my coat. One of my friend have an insulator for the hoze and it's worked also.
  17. Christopher
    Christopher Provost  - November 17, 7:48 PM
    That would be the winter BoB of course. LOL.
  18. Joseph
    Joseph Lang  - August 12, 12:55 PM
    I just want to thank all the volunteers , your the greatest ! I made the 50 ( thank God ) and am already thinking about next year , running the 50 and volunteering for the remainder of the Beast . A special thanks to Brian Hanley and all others that encouraged me .
  19. Tim
    Tim Pendergast  - July 2, 2:32 PM
    Any suggestions for crew? ie, where support can be given, when pacing can start, easy access points? This is my first ultra and while I have heard the race is very well stocked, I'm trying to cover my bases. Thanks!
    1. Allan Vanburen  - August 8, 9:47 AM
      In addition to the Lockport and Middleport aid stations the following cross roads have excellent access to the canal: Cold Springs Rd., Day Rd., Orangeport Rd., and Carmen Rd. Wruck Rd. and Peet St. have access but not directly from Rt.31. Pacing can start after completion of the first loop.
  20. Louise
    Louise Mason  - July 2, 10:22 AM
    I am arriving in Buffalo either Thursday or Friday before the race. Would anyone like to share expenses to Lockport?
  21. Ben
    Ben Dicke  - June 24, 6:20 AM
    My wife and I are likely getting a car from NYC for the race. She'll be running the Summer 100. Anyone interested in splitting transportation costs?
  22. Girish
    Girish V.G.  - August 6, 5:28 AM
    Is any runners from New York or New Jersey attending this race, is driving to the race location ? It would be of great help for me, if you could accommodate me in your vehicle, if there is space :) Thanks !
    1. Ben Dicke  - June 24, 6:17 AM
      My wife and I will be headed up from NYC. We are looking for someone to help split transit costs. Hit me up via facebook.
  23. Justin
    Justin Fitzgerald  - November 26, 2:02 PM
    Hey all,

    I recently signed up for the winter 50 mile run for January 2014. Traveling from MA.
    I'm not sure of exact travel plans yet, but I will either be flying to Buffalo or taking a bus.

    Would it be super expensive to take a taxi to and from the hotel/race? Anyone staying at a nearby hotel that I might be able to hitch a ride with?

    Let me know,

    1. Heather Wiatrowski  - December 17, 3:02 PM
      If you can get yourself to Worcester, you can hop in my Subaru. Get in touch with me. You know how to do it.
    2. John Waller  - January 6, 12:59 PM
      Justin, I assume you've figured out your travel plans by now. Yes?
  24. Vishal
    Vishal Gupta  - November 22, 8:21 AM
    Anyone doing winter The Beast of Burden 50/100 mile ultra- Jan 18, 2014?
    1. Justin Fitzgerald  - November 26, 2:03 PM
      Hey all,

      I recently signed up for the winter 50 mile run for January 2014. Traveling from MA.
      I'm not sure of exact travel plans yet, but I will either be flying to Buffalo or taking a bus.

      Would it be super expensive to take a taxi to and from the hotel/race? Anyone staying at a nearby hotel that I might be able to hitch a ride with?

      Let me know,

  25. Girish
    Girish V.G.  - August 16, 5:37 AM
    Any one staying at Niagara Falls, New York joining this race? If you are taking a taxi to Lock port ,race location tomorrow morning I shall join you guys and I shall share the taxi charge. Thanks !
  26. David
    David Lettieri  - July 18, 1:55 PM
    To anyone out there who has run this race,
    Since a majority of the trail is friendly crushed cinder surface, do you wear road or trail shoes?
    1. Mark Norfleet  - August 10, 11:50 AM
      You could easily wear either! Wear whatever you're most comfortable in. There is no need for trail shoes on this course, in the summer at least...
    2. Liz Taylor  - August 12, 4:36 PM
      I ran some of the course last weekend, no need for trail shoes, gaiters however are nice since little pieces of rock and sand do get in your shoes.
  27. Margaret
    Margaret Seymour  - August 12, 4:02 PM
    Does anyone know of a place (campground/YMCA) where there will be showers available post race?
    1. Liz Taylor  - August 12, 4:32 PM
      There is a shower in the mens & ladies room at the marina itself, from what I've heard from other racers, we're allowed to use them post-race.
  28. Gerald
    Gerald Tabios  - August 11, 11:07 AM
    Hi Sam, Im Excited for the 100 mile race next week, just want to know if i could set up a tent at the area or close to the starting line.
  29. Darrin
    Darrin Bright  - July 27, 11:39 AM
    Does anyone have access to a course map? I tried 3 different browsers and it doesn't appear that the virtual course tour link is active and when I click on the map on the course page it just shows a google map image of the marina.
    1. Walter Batchelor  - July 29, 11:46 PM
      ... also cannot find the COURSE MAP (on a MAC with FIREFOX AND SAFARI)
    2. Jill Kimber  - August 9, 10:53 PM
      I also have never been able to access the map... wondering if there is anyone who has an old .pdf or something, and can share....
    3. Michael Rice  - August 10, 5:51 PM
      Same here
    4. Mark Norfleet  - August 11, 6:15 AM
      There is not much to the course map... , stich together the parts of the link below and you'll get to a map. The Western part is about a mile to a bridge, cross over then run East, reverse on return.
  30. Michael
    Michael Rice  - August 10, 6:01 PM
    Is there a cutoff for the 100 other than the 30 hour cutoff (i.e. a 100k or 50 by a certain time?)
  31. Jennifer
    Jennifer Ennis  - July 26, 8:58 AM
    Is the Beat the Bridge line on the website just humor or is there an bridge opening that could delay us if we reach that point at the wrong time?
  32. Liz
    Liz Taylor  - July 19, 1:05 PM
    To race officials, or to anyone who is a veteran of this race.. The BoB 50 miler will be my first ultra, just wondering what the course time limit is for the 50? Is it the same as the 100? Thanks.
    1. Ken Genewick  - July 21, 6:14 AM
      The cutoff for the 50 Miler is 24 hours, and the cutoff for the 100 Miler is 30 hours
  33. Brittany
    Brittany Janicki  - July 12, 9:37 AM
    Also are crews allowed to have canopies?
  34. Brittany
    Brittany Janicki  - July 12, 9:17 AM
    Are crews allowed to have portable propane grills if set up in the back of a pick up truck?
  35. Susan
    Susan Rozanski  - April 29, 4:11 PM
    are walking poles allowed? would follow safety guidelines as recommended by Portland, OR marathon, including yielding to faster/oncoming runners, illumination, etc. Thank you. Susan and John Rozanski
  36. Mike
    Mike Johnston  - February 11, 3:04 PM
    Hello Sam, my name is Mike from Canton, Ohio. I am thinking about registering for your 50 miler portion at the Beast of Burden. I just want to ask a few questions first. Is the course flat and what kind of surface again? Two, what is the cut off for the 50 miler portion. Is it the same as the 100 miler cut off? Is there some shade on the trail that blocks the heat? I ran a 50 miler last year. So I believe I should be able to finish.
    Are there hotels or lodging accomodations near the staring line?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Looks like a a pretty cool race.
    Mike Johnston from Ohio
  37. Matthew
    Matthew Houseknecht  - December 20, 3:26 PM
    I have seen a 50M buckle online, is that a think of the past? Interested in running, but I have only run 50K's so far. Not sure if I can tackle 100 just yet.
  38. Maryka
    Maryka Hladki  - August 15, 1:36 PM
    Hi Sam. I'm just reading your last email and the details about the chip timing. You say that "the tags will be placed on your right leg above your knee facing directly forward". I apologize if I'm reading this incorrectly, but does this mean that we have to wear pants/capris??
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 15, 7:26 PM
      Hello Maryka, it's great to see that you're coming back again. To answer your question, "no," you don't need to wear pants or capris? We just need the bib number facing forward properly. Technically you could wear it pinned to the front of your shirt but, we'll address this issue in person (if there is one). For now, don't worry about anything. You wear whatever you want and what makes you most comfortable. See you soon!
    2. Maryka Hladki  - August 16, 5:04 AM
      Thanks Sam. See you Saturday morning!
  39. Edward
    Edward Masuoka  - August 13, 2:35 PM
    Haven't seen any emails about the Beast of Burden. Have you sent them out? If not, can you let me know if you will be providing lights (you mentioned you might). Otherwise I have no problem buying a red LED light. Already have an LED headlamp. Looking forward to this weekend.
    1. Bartholomew Muzzin  - August 13, 7:32 PM
      Hey Ed - I have two red LEDs, you're welcome to borrow one if they happen to not be in the swag..
    2. Edward Masuoka  - August 13, 7:52 PM
      Thanks Bart that would be great. Looking forward to seeing you and the other Marathon Maniacs at the race this weekend. Did you get an email from the race director in the last few weeks? If so can you forward it to me at Thanks again. I will definitely take you up on the loan of a red LED if needed.
    3. Alex Lalonde  - August 13, 8:19 PM
      Can you please send me the email from the race director as well to: See you on the course!
    4. Bartholomew Muzzin  - August 13, 8:40 PM
      I haven't gotten an email yet, I think Sam probably hasn't sent them out yet. Like he said, all the info you need is basically already out there. Read the website carefully, and everything you need to know will be answered.
    5. Edward Masuoka  - August 13, 9:46 PM
      Thank Bart. I didn't have any questions except the red LED which thanks to you I've got it covered if it isn't in the swag bag.
  40. Joanne
    Joanne Sibbald  - August 13, 4:37 PM
    Omg. Sorry - small screen - for the last time! Email address is sorry for all the e-chatter!
  41. Joanne
    Joanne Sibbald  - August 13, 4:36 PM
    Duh! New email address is
    Lol. Looking fwd to the race! Joanne
  42. Joanne
    Joanne Sibbald  - August 13, 4:32 PM
    Sam, I registered for the 50-miler a few months ago and have since changed mt email address... As a result, I have not received any race updates :(
    Can you please fwd me what has been sent out so far - sorry... I am sure you are incredibly busy right now! On a separate note, if anyone will be traveling from Montreal (fri-sun) and wants to carpool, please let me know :) Joanne Sibbald.
  43. William
    William Connelly  - August 9, 10:46 PM
    Sam, I just wanted to make sure I am signed up for the 100. I'm pretty sure I did it a while ago, I just didn't know where to check it. It made me nervous to see the spots were filling up.
    1. Elaine Zilonka  - August 9, 8:29 PM
    2. Sam Pasceri  - August 10, 11:38 AM
      I believe so but, you can confirm it by your receipt and by checking here:
    3. William Connelly  - August 10, 2:26 PM
      I am on there, Thank you fro getting back to me so soon.
  44. Colin
    Colin Gleason  - August 9, 8:05 AM
    Hi Sam, I've had a couple people ask if there was any way of tracking runners online during the race. I'm pretty sure the answer is no but let me know if I'm wrong. But curious, is the race chip timed? Can't wait for 8/18!
  45. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 7, 8:10 PM
    Hey Gang! I hope everybody is fired up for the BoB. We're less than 2 weeks away now! I'm going to start sending out emails to everybody next week with last minute details and I'll give you a chance to start drilling me with all your questions (that are probably already posted on our website - LOL!). Rest up!
  46. Margaret
    Margaret Curcio  - August 7, 6:08 PM
    Hi Sam, are there any shower facilities at the start / finish?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 7, 8:04 PM
      Yes, there are a couple of public showers in each of the men's and woman's rest rooms.
  47. Brittany
    Brittany Beutel  - August 7, 12:37 PM
    Sam, Is there anyway I can change my registration from the 100 to the 50?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 7, 1:13 PM
      Hi Brittany, I'm sorry but all the 50 mile slots are gone. We do this because we have to order awards well in advance and can only guess as to how many will sign up. I hope you still plan on coming to run. Nobody is going to force you to run all 100 miles if you don't want to. Well, that's not entirely true. I may do a lil' bit of yelling. LOL!
  48. Dick
    Dick Lipsey  - August 5, 9:13 AM
    Is there any tree cover on the course, or is it open to the sun the whole way?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 5, 10:32 AM
      No shade accept at aid stations.
  49. Bartholomew
    Bartholomew Muzzin  - August 3, 9:08 PM
    Hi Sam - I'm really looking forward to finally conquer the Beast this year!
    I'm planning on camping out the at the start (finish!) - and I just want to make sure that bringing my dog is okay. I think I remember others with dogs there last year, but I just wanted to confirm. My Dad will be there during the race to take care of her.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 2:49 PM
      Hi Bart. Personally I love dogs but there's a lot of people who don't. I recommend putting a muzzle on any dog that could possibly come into contact with anybody as well as being leashed at all times. That being said, I still don't recommend bringing a dog. (See what I did there...a lil' "cover my ass" - LOL!) You're call bro! ; )
  50. Brittany
    Brittany Beutel  - July 30, 9:20 AM
    Sam, I am interested in signing up for the 100. My running partner that I would like to have pace me might not be able to make it that weekend. Am I allowed to have a pacer bike with me once it turns dark?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 31, 6:14 PM
      Hi Brittany. We really discourage pacers from using bikes during the day but, especially at night. The path is nice'n wide but, when you put 2 pacers in the mix at the same time it can cause problems and again even worse during the night. I hope you understand that my main concern is safety. Also, I can't promise you this but there's usually a few people at the aid stations that are willing to pace. Maybe you can pick one up? Either way, I hope you'll join us!
  51. Nick
    Nick Bautista  - July 26, 3:26 PM
    Sam, Thanks for answering all of these questions so quickly! Anyway, one of my crew members would like to to pace me for that last loop to personally get in 25 miles. Is there an official "pacer sign-up / check-in," or can they just jump in when I head out for the final loop? Thanks!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 26, 9:09 PM
      HeyNick, there's no official sign-in/up for pacers. Your pacers are welcome to use our aid stations as well. We wanna make sure they're well hydrated too. See you soon bro!
    2. Nick Bautista  - July 27, 2:40 PM
      Thanks Sam. Don't worry about hydration with me...I'm a self-propelled aid-station! See you soon!
  52. James
    James Brennan  - July 21, 9:54 AM
    Hi, I inadvertently registered for the 100 mile but meant to register for the 50 mile. Can you switch me down in advance. I dont want a refund or anything for the difference. James Brennan, Alexandria, VA
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 26, 9:10 PM
      You should be all set. Check to confirm.
  53. Jodi
    Jodi Weiss  - July 25, 8:34 PM
    Hi Sam - just wanted to clarify about drop bags - I'm assuming we can leave one at the start finish; what's the other location for drop bags - 12.5 miles? Thanks! Jodi
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 26, 12:04 AM
      Hi Jodi, you're allowed to setup whatever you need at the start/finish (we encourage you to bring your own 10x10 pop-up tent) and we allow a drop bag at the turn-around. We will gladly take these there for you before the race. We "try" to bring these back for you but, you could end up waiting 1-2hrs before the next load is delivered. Of course you and/or your crew are welcome to pick them up at anytime during the race as well. ANY bag dropped at the Gasport aid station by your crew will most likely get you disqualified. This is the one rule I can't stress enough yet each race somebody tries to do it - uhhhg! Other than that...we just party!
      Woo Hoo!
  54. Christine
    Christine Torres  - July 24, 8:48 PM
    Hey Sam. Is there any king of lighting along the pathway at night or will the only source be from the runners.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 24, 9:04 PM
      Hey Christine! There's no lighting out there. That's why flashlights/headlamps and a blinking LED light are required. Bring what you have but, in the years past that great race director of yours has always given these to his runners in their shwag-bag. ; )
      (stay announcement to all racers will be coming out next week)
  55. Colin
    Colin Gleason  - July 23, 9:30 PM
    Hi Sam, I'm hoping to do the 50 miler. I definitely got the message in reading the web site regarding no pacers at the Gasport aide station. So if one has a pacer in the miles before that station, does that pacer essentially have to drop out then before the Gasport stop (and then maybe another one pcks up half a mile later?)?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 24, 7:47 PM
      Hey Colin, Sorry for the misunderstanding. You're pacer is welcome to run with you all the way through (and stop there to fuel up). We just ask that they do not drive there and then start with you there. The rule is mostly for crew. There's a much better place with a big parking lot about 1 mile away. This helps free up an already congested area.
  56. Joe
    Joe Kelly  - June 14, 9:31 AM
    Sam, I signed up for the race and I noticed today I went through doing it for the 100. (signed up on my iPhone small screen) I was hoping to see if I can switch to the 50.. not worried about the extra I paid, just the extra miles I committed to.
    1. Mark Gilligan  - June 14, 7:03 AM
      Hi Joe, I'll take care of this for you. The entrant's list will be updated soon.
    2. Joe Kelly  - June 14, 12:24 PM
      Mark, thanks I am excited to be a part of this !!!!
    3. Anthony Spears  - June 14, 6:01 PM
      Heeeeeeey Joe! Glad to have you aboard for trip!
    4. Sam Pasceri  - June 14, 9:03 PM
      Hey Mark, I really appreciate the help. Any chance you can do the same for Rich Moran (from 100 to 50). If not, I can do later. Thanks bro.
    5. Mark Gilligan  - June 14, 6:19 PM
      All set.
    6. James Brennan  - July 21, 9:54 AM
      Hey mark, can you do same for me (James Brennan?)
    7. Sam Pasceri  - July 21, 2:14 PM
      You're all set James.
  57. Christine
    Christine Torres  - July 4, 7:30 PM
    Hi Sam. I was wondering if my pacer can "camp out" in his van by the Marina (start/finish area), while he waits for me to start the 4th loop (hopefully:))?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 4, 9:05 PM
      Not a chance! OK, I'm kidding. Of course he's welcome to camp there. No worries mate - it's gonna be a blast!
    2. Christine Torres  - July 8, 9:14 PM
      Thanks Sam.
  58. Jeff
    Jeff Seymour  - July 7, 2:35 PM
    I might be crewing/pacing my buddy in his 100 miler. If I was to enter the 50, could I just run with him during his last 50 and still get credit (bling) for the 50? Thanks!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 7, 4:24 PM
      The only problem with that is we cut off the 50 milers at 24hrs. We give'em plenty of time but, we need to have a cut-off. Unless they plan on goin sub 24hrs - don't do it. ; )
  59. Nick
    Nick Bautista  - July 5, 2:46 PM
    Hi, just wondering if camping out in my car is allowed near the start area the night before. Thanks,
    1. Sam Pasceri  - July 5, 4:26 PM
      Hi Nick, sure you could do that. You could also bring a tent to camp at the start finish.
    2. Nick Bautista  - July 7, 9:26 AM
      Excellent Sam, thanks!
  60. Emily
    Emily Ryan  - June 15, 12:25 PM
    What's the max limit of racers this year?
  61. Rich
    Rich Moran  - June 6, 1:27 PM
    Hi Sam, the previous entry from my friend John Gee is actual from me, I wasn't aware he had sign-in on the computer. Anyway, my apologies for the confusion. Please let me know what I can do regarding the Summer 100. Thanks again!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - June 6, 8:38 PM
      Hey Rich, Sorry to hear about your issues. When you have time please shoot an email to me here: No need to go over everything again - I'll remember ya (I hope - LOL!).;
  62. John
    John Gee  - June 6, 8:32 AM
    Hi Sam! I'm entered in the upcoming summer 100, however I've been struggling with chronic pelvic pain, Osteitis Pubis or potentially a Pelvic stress fracture, only managed 56 miles in 13 hours, then dropped from a 24 hour ultra in April. I was able to run the last several days without pain, but now I'm playing catch-up in training. I don't think 100 miles is reasonable in 10 weeks from where I'm at right now, but I feel 50 is. Can I drop back and run the 50-miler instead? If not, I'll still come to NY and go for 100 . . just without much confidence. Thanks!
  63. Erin
    Erin Laskowski  - May 25, 7:22 PM
    Hi! Just curious- Are there time cut offs for the 50 Miler?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - May 26, 6:21 AM
      Hi Erin! Yes, we have a strict cut-off time of 24 hours for the 50 miler.
      ; ) I don't see a need to make time an issue since we'll still be out there for the 100 milers. Plus, it gives an opportunity for slower paced runners to enjoy themselves without worrying about a cut-off.
    2. Erin Laskowski  - May 26, 3:12 PM
      Thanks Sam! That is great news. This will be my first ultra and not having a time limit hanging over me is awesome :-) thanks!
    3. Sam Pasceri  - May 27, 8:00 AM
      No problem - Glad you're excited. Being relaxed out there is what it's all about. See you soon!
    4. Erin Laskowski  - May 27, 9:32 PM
      Just signed up. Looking forward to seeing everyone in august!
  64. Garry
    Garry Price  - April 20, 1:13 PM
    Is there no 24 hour run this year? don't think i am tready for 100. did 50 last year, was hoping to do three loops this year
    1. Sam Pasceri  - April 20, 3:13 PM
      Hi Gary. Sorry, no 24 Hr race this year. You're welcome to thump out 75 miles. If you want, register for the 50...see how you feel and if all is well - go for it! You're welcome to continue to use our aid stations. : )
    2. Garry Price  - April 26, 1:50 PM
      Might try that. didn't log a good enough time in 50 (11:30) last year, to look real good for 100 in 30:00. of course at 60 years can't wait forever to try!
  65. Kellie
    Kellie Gregoire  - March 25, 3:23 PM
    Hey Sam. Is the BoB course a certified distance?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - March 25, 4:00 PM
      Hi Kellie! Nope, we never had the course certified.
    2. Kellie Gregoire  - March 26, 7:50 PM
      Thanks Sam. I've got something in the works and would need a certified distance.
  66. Rich
    Rich Moran  - February 3, 10:11 AM
    Hi Sam . . just a quick question, I would like to run the summer Beast of Burden, however the 50-mile race I ran falls outside the 1-year criteria you have for entry. I'm running a 24 hour ultra April 21st, and have a goal of 100 miles, will this timed event qualify me for the summer Beast?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - February 3, 11:28 AM
      Hi Rich! Thanks for your interest in our even and for contacting me prior. You're all set....APPROVED!
  67. Miriam
    Miriam Gilbert  - August 26, 9:56 PM
    Hi, Sam - The Beast of Burden rocks! It was a great experience. It was my second 100 ultra and a PR!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 27, 7:37 AM
      Thank you for the kind words. It was an honor to have you, your son and husband at the event. I've received a lot of wonderful emails and I must admit, it feels good to know that everybody is sooo appreciative and recognized all the hard work that went into this event. Now, I just got'a figure out how to top it at the winter race (and I think I've got it!).
  68. Anthony
    Anthony Spears  - August 24, 5:35 PM
    Hey Sam, Fantastic first ultra experience for my friends and I, well done. Your volunteers are fantastic, way above and beyond the call. Also, if you have extra shirts will you be offering them up for sale? Thanks.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 25, 10:03 AM
      Hey Tony! Thanks...we all appreciate the compliments. Stay tuned. In a week or so we'll open an online store where you can order extra BoB gear. We really enjoyed having you guys here. Now that you know what it's all about...You're required to show up in February!!!! LOL! ; ) Take care buddy!
  69. Alfonso
    Alfonso Chan  - August 25, 8:14 AM
    Sam: Thank you and your staff for organizing the Beast of Burden. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 25, 10:02 AM
      Thanks Alfonso. I'm glad to hear you finally nailed your first 100 and did it on our course.
  70. Sonja
    Sonja Adcock  - August 23, 6:14 AM
    I just saw the results posted. Do you have the splits for each lap? I didn't keep track as we were going over timing mats and I would really like to know my times for each half loop. How many people started the race? thanks.
    1. Thomas Grolemund  - August 24, 10:03 PM
      Sonja, if you haven't found them yet try here,
  71. Sonja
    Sonja Adcock  - August 22, 6:59 PM
    Hi Sam,
    I wanted to let you know that I think you did a great job with this race! I stayed at the sponsored inn - Lockport Inn and Suites and found the folks to be very helpful and accomodating as due to the change in my support I wanted to change room types. Being my first 100 mile event, I found the day to very challenging. I think though that running the four loops that were flat and even surfaced made a huge difference. I couldn't imagine running through the night on trails! I did notice at the start of the race a number of people wearing gators and I think that might have been a good idea if they kept all those little stones out. I gave up stopping to shake out the stones and ended up just trying to move my feet around so they wouldn't be such a bother.
    I wish you continued success with this race.


    Sonja Adcock
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 22, 10:41 PM
      Thank you for the kind words and congrats on your finish! (Your Sub 24hr finish too!) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Come back again!
    2. Jeff Haight  - August 24, 12:14 PM
      I was wearing gaiters and never had any problem with the gravel getting in my shoes.
  72. Sonja
    Sonja Adcock  - August 22, 7:02 PM
    hi, one question: when do you expect the results to be posted? thks.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 22, 10:42 PM
      They're up! Go to our site and click the Reg tab.
  73. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 22, 1:14 PM
    I'm still pretty busy today getting things in order but, I'd like to send out a quick "Thank You!" to everybody. I learned a lot this time around. I promise to keep improving the event but, no matter what I's a great time because of all of you! Some are already asking for a date for the Winter BoB. I'll post that soon.
  74. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 10:37 AM
    Pre-Race get together? Since the majority of runners couldn't make it the night before to packet pick-up we decided that it would be easier to hold it race morning but, I still think it would be great to hang out, chit-chat and have a little meet and greet. If anybody is interested we could plan a little get together right at the race start. There's a pavilion 50 feet from the parking lot (where you can also setup for the race). What do ya say we get together there for a little while? You can cookout there or go across the street to the hotdog/hamburger stand too. I'll be busy running around but, I would love to relax for a bit and say hello to all of you. 5,6 or 7pm? Earlier?
    1. Christine Reynolds  - August 4, 10:46 AM
      sounds great! 5 ... 6 ... 7pm ... whatever ... we will be there!
      Team Honey
    2. Sonja Adcock  - August 4, 11:03 AM
      sounds like a great idea.... 5 or 6 would be good. let us know what the final decision is.....Cheers
    3. Jeff Haight  - August 8, 5:24 PM
      Count me in.
    4. Jennifer Dengler  - August 12, 7:24 PM
      Same here. We will be camping at the start, as long as that is still allowed :-) Would love to chit the chat!
    5. Sam Pasceri  - August 12, 10:09 PM
      You should be fine camping out there again. Plus, I'll sleep better knowing we have somebody down there watching our gear. : )
    6. Michael Spears  - August 19, 7:33 AM
      Is there going to be a get together today?
    7. Jeff Haight  - August 19, 10:05 AM
      I hope so. I plan to be there around 5 or 6.
    8. Jennifer Dengler  - August 19, 10:24 AM
      We will also be there around 6. White Xterra with a rooftop tent! Can't miss us, come say hi! We will search out others too :-) Looking forward to tomorrow!
  75. Alfonso
    Alfonso Chan  - August 16, 11:02 AM
    What is the running/walking surface along the canal? Concrete/cement? Crushed rock? Dirt? Something else?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 16, 1:33 PM
      Crushed Cinder. Very few choose to wear gators. It's a personal pref.
    2. David Cronkhite  - August 16, 1:37 PM
      Most of the surface is crushed rock/small cinders, although there are some spots that you will cross black top and some concrete but very limited.
    3. Eric Ferland  - August 17, 2:32 PM
      Can you run on the grass next to the cinder?
    4. Sam Pasceri  - August 17, 5:09 PM
      Eric, yup!
  76. Eric
    Eric Ferland  - August 17, 3:26 PM
    Can my crew set up a ez up and the "crew area", start/finish?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 17, 5:09 PM
      You sure can! I'm setting up 4 of them!
  77. Laurie
    Laurie Colon  - August 17, 3:30 PM
    Hey Sam, what time does packet pick up start race morning, how much time do you want us to give you before race start :) Thanks!
  78. Mitchel
    Mitchel Newth  - August 15, 7:12 PM
    hey, chances r there this is another stupid question... but is there any where to camp and park near the race? i did not come across it when i was reading...
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 16, 1:34 PM
      You can crash right at the start/finish line. They lock the bathrooms late at night though.
  79. Jim
    Jim Mollosky  - August 16, 12:09 PM
    Since this is my first 100 and I am doing this with no crew, how close is the "crew" area to keep my own food, clothes, etc. to the start/finish? Thanks!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 16, 1:33 PM
      Approx. 10' ; )
  80. Iris
    Iris Cooper  - August 15, 3:27 PM
    Hi Sam. Are there any showers or shower possibilities at the finish line?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 15, 4:25 PM
      Well, there is the canal right there (But it's kind'a yucky). Yes, there are showers at the start/finish line.
    2. Iris Cooper  - August 16, 9:26 AM
      Thanks Sam. That's great! See you Friday.
  81. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 15, 8:05 PM
    A lot of people have been asking about camping. I'm not saying the city allows it but, we've never had any problems with it in the past.
  82. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 10, 8:27 PM
    UPDATE: Good news're Shwag-Bag will contain your required LED safety light. This must be placed on you so that it's visible from behind. I've seen some people clip them to their hats, waist packs, shorts..etc...etc.

    It's a light like this that literally saved a racer's life at our 2010 Winter B-o-B. The search party found the person delirious any hypothermic on the opposite side of the towpath. As they left the turn around aid station they never crossed the canal bridge - Yeah, almost a Race Director's nightmare! Now you see why these are required?

    1. Glenn Gravatt  - August 11, 1:56 PM
      Awesome about the lights! Will you have a few extras in case one of my crew wants to pace me at night?
    2. Sam Pasceri  - August 11, 2:01 PM
      We're talking about setting up a table at race registration and offering a few items. We're still not sure if we're going to do it yet but, maybe this post will persuade me to do it. ; )
    3. Jennifer Dengler  - August 12, 7:20 PM
      Along the same lines, do we have to have reflective vests? I guess I should have thought of this earlier :-)
    4. Sam Pasceri  - August 12, 10:20 PM
      No, you don't have to but, they sure do help. As long as you have your flashlight/headlamp on with your red blinking LED light on your back you should be fine....uhhhhh...I hope. ; D
    5. Christine Reynolds  - August 14, 9:36 AM
      Execellent! Now having done the two winter BoBs and this Joe's second summer BoB, we will look like freaking christmas trees during the night!
  83. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 13, 5:17 AM
    Folks be sure to follow us on Twitter! On race day we'll be posting updates.!/beast_of_burden
  84. Shannon
    Shannon Macgregor  - August 11, 11:40 AM
    Little late in the game I know, but is there any camping close to the race start?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 13, 5:10 AM
      The start of the race takes place at a public park/boat launch. It's a rather wide open area along the canal with lots of grass. There are public bathrooms there but, they close around 9pm and reopen around 8am (i think). Each race we have a few people who camp out here and seem to be just fine. Personally, I need a comfy hotel the night before with showers and a continental breakfast. LOL!
  85. Amy
    Amy Lynes  - August 12, 8:28 AM
    Hi all. Looking forward to a nice race. For those folks flying from way out of town who cannot haul chairs etc... will there be a place for my crew to sit (chairs or benches in the pavillion) or at middleport?? Also- are there toll roads from start to turn around?? We don't have many of those over here in Washington. Want to be prepared :)
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 12, 10:38 PM
      There's a $10 toll on the way to and from Middleport but, I can get you an unlimited pass for $25. (OK...OK... So there's no tolls -Geesh!). There's picnic tables around and a covered pavilion right next to the towpath. I was at an event before where they rented out personal shelters for athletes that came in with nothing. We were considering setting up something similar to this right on the path and renting them out. I pictured them as a 10x10 tent with a table and set of 4 chairs. These would be split with one other runner too. Hmmmmm....the more I talk about it the more I want to offer it. (too the bat cave!)
  86. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 8, 1:02 PM
    Course Aid: Some ultra's provide water and that's it. While we don't provide everything but, we try. We encourage you to bring what you like but, here's some of the things we provide: Soda (Mountain Dew/Coke...yes Coke, coffee, water, HEED, Hammer Gel, PB&J sandwiches, grill cheese sandwiches, pancakes, pizza, pretzlles, chips, watermelon, bananas, chick. noodle soup (and yes even...lentil soup), cookie assortment and a bunch of other goodies.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 8, 1:09 PM
      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one of my personal favorite sponsors...Little Debbie! They provide us with a wide variety of treats!
    2. Adam Korona  - August 12, 6:32 PM
      Rock on for noodle soup! Will this be available at the end of the 1st loop or will the soup not go on the stove until later in the evening? It would be great to have soup at the 25 mile mark if possible!
    3. Sam Pasceri  - August 12, 9:49 PM
      The soup doesn't usually come out until the later hours but, you never know. (this isn't directed toward you Adam so plz don't take it the wrong way - LOL!) I try to always remind people that the aid station food is just a bonus and never to count on anything that you had at the last aid station to be at the next aid station. ; )
  87. Allison
    Allison Fleece  - August 11, 10:45 AM
    Hi! I am going to be at the B-o-B next weekend supporting my boyfriend. Although I am experienced in road races I have never quite been a spectator at an endurance event like the B-o-B! This may be posted somewhere already and a silly inquiry but if you have any suggestions for the crew (what they should have on reserve with them, where's the best location to meet the runners, do we also need lights?) that would be so much appreciated so I can better understand what to expect for next weekend! Thank you for any suggestions you can share! :)
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 11, 10:59 AM
      Hello Allison! Be sure to read the "Crew" page on our website. Your runner should be able to tell you more about what he requires as everybody is different but, we provide a lot of food/drink. Also, if you're crewing/support or pacing be sure to read the "Rules" page as well. There's some very important info on there. When you're not helping your runner you're welcome to help us out at the aid stations. We're a little short handed this year and could use the extra help. See you soon!
    2. Allison Fleece  - August 11, 11:03 AM
      Thanks Sam! I'd be happy to help and will be sure to read up more in detail on those pages! :)
  88. Terence
    Terence McDonagh  - August 4, 9:11 AM
    are there many runners entered in the 24 hour elite division?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 10:11 AM
      I'm swamped right now but, I'll be looking into this soon and let you know.
    2. Terence McDonagh  - August 5, 10:28 AM
      ok, when you get the chance thanks
    3. Terence McDonagh  - August 7, 6:24 PM
      Just want to know if there are other competitors in the 24 hour elite as I don't want to be the only preson racing with a rucksack? Thanks!
    4. Sam Pasceri  - August 7, 7:09 PM
      Well, I'm sorry to say that as of right now you are the only one. This will be the first time I won't be able to run my own race. In the past I've had a lot of volunteers which allowed me to get out there, meet everybody & share lots of laughs. Now I'll be the guy that does the ICE runs (Ha! Ha!). Man, if I could I join you! I was hoping the 24 Hr "Elite" would've gained more attention after I first ran it in Feb. Well, I gave it a shot, right? We'll get you switched over to the reg. 24 hr event anytime. Even though the race is sold out, if we can find anybody else to do it w/you I'll let you know right away.
    5. Garry Price  - August 10, 7:26 PM
      Are you military elite?
    6. Terence McDonagh  - August 10, 7:54 PM
  89. Tim
    Tim Schenk  - August 10, 10:32 AM
    I like to carry a cheapo prepaid cell phone in my pocket to stay in touch with my crew (aka wife). Any locals know if MetroPCS gets passable service in the area? You never can trust those coverage maps...
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 10, 11:05 AM
      Hey Tim! Sorry, I can't answer that one. I've never heard of them before (But, that doesn't mean they won't get service either)
    2. Mitchel Newth  - August 10, 3:27 PM
      this is most likely a stupid question, but i will be asking anyways... i have looked around for a "flashing light" that flashes for my back but i am not able to find one... does anyone have any ideas or any helpfull hints? (because i only have a head lap with an led front light)
    3. Sam Pasceri  - August 10, 4:07 PM
      Mitchel, it's not a stupid question. If fact, in the past I've always provided these for our runners...except this time! Uhg! LOL! Sorry everybody but, I just found out we won't have Road ID as a sponsor this time around but, I'm still trying to get something for everybody and I'll know more tomorrow so hang on. Just so everybody doesn't run out and get one I should tell you that we're providing everybody with a small handheld led flashlight. I'm not sure how good it will light the path but, it's better than nothing, right? Oh yeah... of course it will sport the B-o-B Log! ; )
    4. Sam Pasceri  - August 10, 5:41 PM
      BINGO! Hold for an announcement! : )
    5. Garry Price  - August 10, 7:23 PM
      I had one free from a marathon 10 years ago and never used it. Now it doesn't work and new battery doesn't help. Bought new one at running store=$13
  90. David
    David Kraemer  - August 6, 12:02 AM
    Sam - Is is possible to set up a mini-aid / gear station at each of the designated aid stations? (Probably going to rely upon my own nutrition / fuel for the most part and looks like I won't have any crew / support people based on conflicting schedules right now.) If allowed, would we setup the day before? Or possibly get help from the volunteers the morning of the race to drop off the items when they head to each aid station?
    1. David Kraemer  - August 8, 10:33 PM
      Can we have a drop-bag at the 2nd aid station as well?
    2. Sam Pasceri  - August 9, 9:29 PM
      Please read the "Rules" page.
  91. Edward
    Edward Soldo  - August 9, 8:24 PM
    Bathroom facilities, are there any at the turn around and the mid point station?
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 9, 9:27 PM
      Yup! We'll have them at each aid station for you. So...There's a potty every 6 miles (give or take a lil').
  92. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 8, 1:06 PM
    RULES: I know the rules page looks like we're picky but, there's really only 2 rules you really need to worry about, lights for you and your crew and the middle aid station. Please be sure you and your crew read the rules page. This should answer 99% of your questions. Please remember that you're responsible for your crews actions.
  93. Janice
    Janice Baranoski  - August 7, 10:08 PM
    Are we allowed drop bags in the middle and/or end aid stations? Also, what kind of food/drink will be available at the aid stations? - Thanks!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 8, 12:52 PM
      Hey Janice! We will gladly deliver everybody's drop bag to the turn-around before the race. You can drop them off to us when you check-in (8:30-9:30am). See above for food/drink details.
  94. Garry
    Garry Price  - August 4, 8:33 AM
    Are there any other access points to the course besides the start point? The map shows the start point but not the course.
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 10:24 AM
      Crew/Support can join you at the start/finish line and at the turn around. ***PLEASE REMEMBER*** No crew /support is allowed at the mid aid station (Gasport aid station). This area is the busiest aid station since runners hit it twice in a loop. The parking lot is very small and the New York State Canal Corp is watching us closely to make sure we don't interfere with day-to-day use of the canal. This rule especially applies to those caught parking on the shoulder of the road. This is the one rule that I'm very strict on so please help me out here. I'm a very easy going guy but, failure to comply will result in a DQ (Sorry).

      There's also a couple of spots that would be OK to use to meet up with your runner. There's the Day Road bridge that's about 2.5 miles into the run, Harrington Road Bridge BUT, there's no parking here so I suggest you don't use that bridge. Then there's one about a mile or so from the turn-around. There's a great parking lot there too. The parking lot is right on the towpath. All of these are acceptable.

      Runners are allowed to hang out at chat with their crew and friends here but, we ask that you please do not sit in the car. You may give somebody the wrong idea. ; )
    2. Miriam Gilbert  - August 5, 12:15 PM
      Can I seat in my car when I change my clothes, running shoes, socks, tend to my blisters...
    3. Sam Pasceri  - August 5, 3:52 PM
      Hey Miriam! Yes, you can sit in your car to change. I was half kidding when I said that. LOL!
    4. Bartholomew Muzzin  - August 5, 8:05 PM
      On a somewhat related question - if we have stuff we'd like to stage at the turn around point - will we have to deliver it there on race morning?
  95. Sulaiman
    Sulaiman Seriki  - August 4, 3:57 PM
    Question anyone one familiar with this area (Lockport Ny); is there a public transportation system that can take you from point A to point, or do I need to the cost of renting a car to my expenses. Please advise.
    1. Jim Pease  - August 4, 10:17 PM
      Hello Sulaiman. Lockport does offer a taxi service. Timkey Limo operates a taxi service with clean cars and prompt service. You may want to write down their number: (716)-433-0699. Last time they offered a discount to racers on airport runs (40 min each way). I'm not sure what their rates are now though.
  96. Sam
    Sam Pasceri  - August 3, 11:49 PM
    Hellooooo! And Welcome to the 2011 Summer Beast of Burden!
    1. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 12:18 AM
      UPDATE: Packet Pick-Up will be help race morning from 8:30am-9:30am. Please be on time as our volunteers must leave by 9:30 to setup their aid stations on the course and be ready to serve you once the race starts.
    2. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 7:02 AM
      I've had a lot of people ask for directions to the race start. It's posted on "The Course" page. You can click on the little map app button under the word DIRECTIONS to see the full Google map.
    3. Ali Turfe  - August 4, 10:24 AM
      Ali Turfe, hello Sam Pasceri. I am looking forward to running the Summer Beast of Burden. I would like to know if a pacer on a bike is allowed on the course. Thanks!
    4. Sam Pasceri  - August 4, 10:30 AM
      Ahhhh....The infamous bike question. Again, our permit is issued for this event each year as long as we don't impede the day-to-day use of the Towpath. I just ask that if you see a runner heading toward you that you pull ahead of your runner so your not taking up too much room. The Towpath is open to the general public during the race, please ride with consideration and respect towards them. Other than that...Enjoy and have fun!