Run Rabbit Run 50 Miler, 100 Mile - Tortoise, 100 Mile - Hare
Steamboat Springs, CO
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  1. Arthur
    Arthur Myshrall  - September 22, 9:06 AM
    I was one of the last runners to get in on the 50 miler and wanted to say that you guys did a great job. The support staff was super helpful and still had a good selection of things in the aid stations. They had great attitudes and added to the experence in a very positive way. This was my Third finish and the hardest one for me due to my own preperation, but I always felt that I could get the help I needed if I could just keep going.
    This is also one of the most beautiful courses I can think of. Great job and thanks
  2. Michael
    Michael Hinterberg  - September 20, 5:56 PM
    I posted my rather wordy feedback (good and bad but hopefully just honest) here:
    I would love to hear other people's feedback and experiences as well. Cheers!
  3. Joe
    Joe Hayes  - September 19, 9:53 AM
    The staggered start gave us turtles a chance to truefully brag about being several hours "ahead" of Meltzer, Hawker etc. Was exciting to watch top guns go bye.
  4. Craig
    Craig Scariot  - September 16, 4:54 PM
    I hear the 50m is a great event. If you're thinking of the 100, save your money or spend it on one of the many other well managed hundreds.
  5. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Davis  - September 2, 3:28 PM
    Anyone looking for a pacer?
  6. Cary
    Cary Hayes  - December 15, 12:55 PM
    I hope the weather is better this year!
    1. Cara Marrs  - July 8, 5:26 PM
      Hey cary, there is a great 50k in the boat 6 weeks before RRR50 on August 4th. It would be a great pre 50 race on part of the course! Hope your well
  7. Basit
    Basit Mustafa  - May 31, 12:34 PM
    I'm going to head up to the boat to check out the 100 course conditions this weekend (ran into a guy from Steamboat while doing Evans last wknd who said the course might be drier than I am assuming, which is encouraging).

    Planning on heading up Friday night, sleeping in the truck, run up Werner with absolutely no plan or assumptions on what will be clear or passable, but prepared for a full day of whatever, and will try and scope out the pertinent parts of the course from high ground and make a decision on which parts/legs of the 100 seem most reasonable to run, even if it means running back down Werner, hopping into the truck and heading to other parts of the course if they don't seem reasonably reachable (whatever is visible, with, of course, a bias towards the southern aspects).

    Basically, want to get up high, have fun, start painting more than a topo picture of the course, and I've had enough epic post-holing backcountry/abusive high-alt cold adventures already this season, so I want to keep this casual and runnable - no spikes, no axe, just casual runnin'.

    If you're in the area/interested in starting to map out all the prime poop-in-the-wood spots along the course in advance, drop me a line at my name, in the boring old format, or, if it's Friday evening-ish, try texting/calling (the standard old-school denver area area code, not the new fangled one that starts with 7) twoFourSix - FourZeroSevenEight.
  8. Drew
    Drew Brazier  - January 12, 8:41 PM
    Anyone in Front Range area wanting to meet up for some fun training runs?!!!
    1. Brad Bishop  - January 13, 3:59 PM
      I'm always interested in fun folks to join with for long runs. I'm planning on hitting Sherpa John's Front Range Fat Ass series (, plus a nice series of races thru the year. Drop me an email at brad dot b dot bishop at gmail dot com. :)
  9. Zach
    Zach Kauffman  - December 21, 3:24 PM
    Why can't I view a list of registrants for the RRR 50?
    1. Olga King  - December 21, 3:22 PM
      Rumor is, some entries were Christmas gifts from runner's families to runners, so Mark is waiting till after to open the box to public viewing. Few more days.
    2. Zach Kauffman  - December 22, 5:52 PM
      Thanks Olga... sounds great!
  10. Drew
    Drew Brazier  - December 18, 8:29 AM
    Any report on how many runners signed up for the 100?
    1. Mark Gilligan  - December 18, 9:46 AM
      The 100 has 17 confirmed entries.
    2. Drew Brazier  - December 20, 10:04 AM
      What is the entrant cap on the 100?