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Cassoday, KS 100 Miler, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 8, 2011


An out and back course on backcountry gravel roads with less than one mile of paved surface for the 100-mile race. Much of the course meanders through open range with stunning views of the vast expanse of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie. The 100-mile course has rolling hills and 6,000 feet of climb. Cassoday is located off Interstate 35 and is 34 miles south of Emporia and 22 miles north of El Dorado. The two nearest commercial airports are in Wichita (55 miles southwest) and Kansas City (146 miles northeast).

Additional Information

AID: Twenty-two aid stations for the 100-mile. Crew access is available at nine locations for the 100-mile run. Ten of the aid station can be used for drop bags in the 100 mile run.

100 MILE AWARDS: All runners who complete the 100 mile under the time limit will receive a belt buckle and a finisher’s sweatshirt. Sweatshirts will have 100 mile finisher on the back or 100 mile finisher, sub 24 hour. There will be an overall award for first male and female finisher. There will be an award for the first Kansan to cross the finish line.

HEARTLAND CHALLENGE: Complete the Heartland 50 mile race May 5, 2018. Or Heartland 50K race May 5, 2018. AND complete Heartland100 Spirit of the Prairie 100 mile ultra October 13, 2018. Earn the new Heartland Challenge buckle. 50K/100-mile buckle will be a bronze finish. 50-mile/100-mile buckle will be silver & gold finish.

WEATHER: Normal high of close to 70 and a normal low in the upper 40’s. This is Kansas, be prepared for all extremes as the record highs have been around 90 and record lows in the upper 20’s.

CUTOFFS AND TIME LIMIT: Heartland 100: 30-hour time limit and a 14-hour cut-off for the 50-mile turnaround.

100 MILE CHECK IN: Check-in from 3PM to 6PM on Friday October 12, 2018 in Cassoday. The prerace meal will be served from 5PM to 6PM for the 100 mile runners and one guest. Additional guests are welcome at a cost of $10 per person.

Schedule of Events

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cassoday Community Building
Packet Pick-up 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Race Briefing (Highly Recomended) 4:30 PM
Pre-Race Buffet 5:00 PM

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cassoday Community Building
Racer Check-In (MANDATORY) 5:00 AM – 5:45 AM

Old High School, south edge of Cassoday
Start of Race 6:00 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cassoday Community Building
Cutoff time for all runners Noon
Awards Ceremony 1:00 PM

Race Rules For Runners

1. Numbers must be worn on the front and outside of what you are wearing. It is the runner’s responsibility
to make sure their number has been checked in at each aid station. Entries are non-transferable.

2. Absolutely no littering! This entire course is run on county roads through private property and we do not
want to jeopardize our ability to utilize this land.

3. Runners are responsible for the actions of their crews.

4. You may not stash supplies along the course.

5. You may have as many pacers as you wish, but only one pacer at a time.

6. Any runner dropping out shall immediately notify the nearest aid station or race management at the
start/finish area.

7. Runners accepting a ride for any reason are deemed out of the race and may not re-enter.

8. Cutoff times are nonnegotiable.

9. All runners will abide by the directions of race management.

10. Please run facing oncoming traffic.

11. Do not chase the cattle. At various sections of the course you may encounter livestock on the road.
They will be curious, may gather around you, or even run toward you from a distance. REMAIN CALM,
they are gentle animals. The safest way to proceed is to walk through the herd when you encounter them
as they will move out of your way. Running and shouting will cause the animals to scatter quickly and
there is always the possibility you will be in each other’s path.

12. Violations of any rule will be grounds for disqualification. Race Management reserves the right to bar
any runner from competing in this and any future KUS races.

13. In the case of a tie, runners will be placed alphabetically.

14. Decisions of Race Management are final.

Support Crews

Rules for Support Crews

1. Runners are responsible for the actions of their crew and pacer.

2. Crews are not allowed on any section of the course during the race.

3. No Littering.

4. All animals must be leashed at all times.

5. If your runner drops from the race, double check they have followed the proper procedures.

6. Due to the normal dry condition of the grass in the fall and the fire dangers, we request that there be
“No Smoking” on the course.

Directions to Meet Runners:
Crew vehicles are not allowed on any portion of the Heartland 100 course during the race. All of the
recommended crew roads consist of paved or good gravel roads.

START/FINISH TO LAPLAND – Proceed north through Cassoday on 177. Make a right turn on Sunbarger and proceed east on the last blacktop road on the north edge of Cassoday for approximately 12 3/4 miles. Make a right turn on G50 Rd (at the transformer) and proceed south for 3.3 miles to the Lapland Aid Station.

LAPLAND TO TETERVILLE ROAD – Turnaround and proceed north 3.3 miles back to the Teterville Road
intersection. Make a right turn and proceed east 5 miles to the aid station. Please drive slowly as the last
1 1/2 miles of the road is on the course the runners will be using.

TETERVILLE ROAD TO RIDGE LINE – Turnaround and proceed approximately 17 3/4 miles back to
Cassoday. Make a right turn on 177 and proceed north 10 3/4 miles to the town of Matfield Green.
Make a right turn at the sign, BOCOOK St, and proceed 1/4 mile into town to the intersection by the old school. Take a
right at the sign ROGLER St, for the Ridge Line aid station and proceed 10 3/4 miles to the aid station.

RIDGE LINE TO MATFIELD GREEN – Turnaround and proceed back to the town of Matfield Green.
At the intersection by the old school, turn right at the sign BOCOOK St, for the Matfield Green aid station and proceed
3 miles to the aid station.

MATFIELD GREEN TO RIDGE LINE – Turnaround and proceed back to the town of Matfield Green.
At the intersection by the old school, turn left ROGLER St, and proceed 10 3/4 miles to the Ridge Line aid station.

RIDGE LINE TO TETERVILLE ROAD – Turnaround and proceed back to Matfield Green. Make a left
turn at the old school house BOCOOK St, and go 1/4 mile west to 177. Turn left on 177 and head south 10 3/4 miles
to Cassoday. Make a left turn on the blacktop road on the north edge of Cassoday SUNBARGER ST, and proceed east
17 3/4 miles to the Teterville Road aid station. Be careful on the last 1 1/2 miles as you will be on the road
with the runners and it will most likely be at night.

TETERVILLE ROAD TO LAPLAND – Turnaround and proceed west 5 miles. Turn left at the signs G50 Rd, and
proceed south 3.3 miles to the Lapland aid station.

LAPLAND TO FINISH – turnaround and proceed north 3.3 miles to the signs. Turn left and proceed
12 3/4 miles back to Cassoday. Turn left on 177 and proceed back to the Cassoday community building.
Parking will be limited around the community building. There will be additional parking in the downtown
area of Cassoday that is just west of the community building or at the elementary school that is north of
the community building.

Flat Tire Warning – Some of the sharp rocks on the roads on which you will be traveling can cause flat
tires. Historically the volunteers have averaged a couple of flat tires a year. It is best if your crew vehicle
has a good set of tires, a good spare and you know how to change them. The best way to avoid a flat is
to drive slowly. You will have plenty of time to get between aid stations to meet your runner and driving
slowly will improve your odds of avoiding a flat.


Pacers will be allowed for all runners from the Matfield Green aid station (42.5 miles) to the finish. Each
runner may have as many pacers as they like, however only one pacer at a time can accompany the runner.
Pacers need to be a human without a bike, scooter, horse, dogsled or anything other than their leg power.
Pacers will be required to follow the same set of rules as the racer. Pacers must be over 18 years of age
or have the signed permission from a parent or legal guardian. Runners age 60 and older may have a pacer
for the entire 100-mile distance. Each pacer must clearly identify themselves when passing through the aid

Kansas Weather Risks

We have chosen to hold the race in October to minimize the impact of the Kansas weather. In August the
temperatures could be over 100 degrees, with 30 mile per hour winds, which would make this a very tough
100-mile race. We could also have held the race in the springtime when the prairie is the greenest. However,
the likely hood of thunderstorms is greater which would have made this a more dangerous race. While
October is normally a very mild month, this is Kansas so come prepared for all possible conditions. The
following are the historical weather statistics.

Normal High – 70
Normal Low – 44
Record high of 89
Record low of 30
Sunrise – 7:35 AM
Sunset – 6:54 PM

Severe storms do not normally occur in the fall; however they are possible at any time in Kansas. Tornadoes
and blizzards have both occurred in the month of October. There are very few locations on the Heartland 100
course where there is shelter from the elements. Whatever the conditions, you will feel them. Be prepared
for them. While tornadoes get a lot of publicity, lightning is the greatest danger. Lightning often strikes the
highest object and on the course, you will often be the highest object. In the unlikely event of a severe
thunderstorm the best course of action is to take whatever shelter is available at the lowest location.

Medical Risks

Each runner is responsible or their own actions. It is crucial that you are physically and mentally prepared
for the stresses of the race. We will utilize the local EMS services in case of a medical emergency.
While the course is on roads, the remoteness of the area and the distance between towns will result in a
substantial amount of time before they arrive to provide assistance.

It is important for the runner to recognize the potential physical and mental stresses that may evolve from
participation in this race. These include, but are not limited to, extreme temperatures of heat and cold,
hypothermia, dehydration, heat stroke, renal failures, seizures, hypoglycemia, disorientation and total mental
and physical exhaustion. Each participant must continuously monitor his/herself and understand their limitations.
Remember that you are responsible for your own well being during this race.

Drop Bags

All manned aid stations will also serve as supply drop bag locations for runners. Drop bags must be no less in strength than double thick plastic bags and securely tied. Please keep all drop bags at a reasonable size, (approx. shoe box size). Each bag must contain the runner’s name, race number and aid station. Placing wide white tape on the bag and then writing on the tape with a black felt tip marker is preferable. If you place any liquids in your bags, make sure they are in leak proof containers. Drop bags can be left at the Community Building on Friday and can also be brought to the starting line on Saturday morning, as long as they arrive before 5:30 AM. All drop bags will be available for runners to pick up at the awards ceremony at 1:00 PM on Sunday. It is each runner’s responsibility to pick up their drop bags on Sunday. Any drop bags remaining will be donated or disposed of.

Local time: 11:19 AM


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