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Saturday, Nov 5, 2011


Spencer, IN 50K, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 5, 2011


The OPSF event began in 1993 when Jeff Tincher designed a multiple loop course, beginning and ending at Rattlesnake Campground in the form of a 50-mile race. Thus, the event logo of the rattlesnake was born, which remains to this day.

Over the years, the course layout has change several times and the 50K and 13.2 mile half marathon were added.

In 2002 Norm Carlson took over as race director while Jeff was working on his PhD at Indiana State University. After personal health concerns facing Norm's family, David and Sara Glass were brought on board and are now the current race directors.


The course is set in Owen-Putnam State Forest, located 10 miles west of Spencer, IN. The course consists of completing two loops on rolling to hilly terrain on rugged trails, along with fire and country roads. The first loop, called the Powerline loop, is a 5 mile loop that starts the 50K and 50Mi races. The 50Mi racers will also finish with this loop. The other loop is the main portion of the course. It is a 13.2 mile loop. The half marathon will consist of completing this loop once. The 50K runners will run this loop twice after completing the Powerline loop. The 50Mi runners run this loop three times after completing the Powerline loop, then they will go back and complete the Powerline loop once more to finish the race.

Local time: 7:57 PM


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