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April 29 - May 1, 2011

Juniperwood Ranch Runs

7775 W. Stockman's Rd.

Ash Fork, AZ Marathon, 50 Miler, 24hrs, 48hrs

Registration Ended Wed. Apr 27, 2011 @ 11:59 PM

Start Dates & Times

  • Marathon - Saturday, April 30 @ 10 AM

  • 50 Mile - Saturday, April 30 @ 9 AM

  • 24 Hour - Saturday, April 30 @ 9 AM

  • 48 Hour - Friday, April 29 @ 9 AM

Race Course

The race route is a USATF-certified 1 mile dirt running path. The Marathon runners will complete their first loop on a connected 400 meter circuit before running 26 miles of the 1 mile course. The surface is dirt with some small rocks. Gaiters are recommended. There are restrooms on site. Please be courteous and encouraging, and aware of the other runners around you. If you choose to wear headphones or converse with other runners during the race, we ask that you leave adequate room on the track for other runners to pass if needed.


Laps will be recorded by an electronic chip timing system and will be submitted for USATF record purposes.

You may leave the track at any point in time during the race, but you must return to the same place before continuing. You may not leave and return directly by the timing equipment, to avoid double counting a lap. Every 2 hours we will change the direction of travel. Your number of laps, distance, and race will be shown on an electronic display near the start.



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