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The Gorge Waterfalls 50k (and its sister race, the Gorge Waterfalls 100k) are unique in the number of waterfalls this course includes - quite possibly more waterfalls than you'll be able to count! Wahkeena Falls, Fairy Falls, Multnomah Falls, Oneota Falls, Dry Falls, and far more, including Ponytail Falls, which you'll run right underneath! The majority of the route is in deep old forest with some enormous trees and moss is everywhere (in some places covering every inch of the surrounding ground). We are certain elves and gnomes live here. Occasionally the trail will pop out of the trees and you'll get great views of the river and the mountains towering above it.

The 2016 race will be SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2016. [PLEASE NOTE: In 2016, the Gorge 100k and Gorge 50k are on SEPARATE weekends. We are beyond excited about this.] This is a gorgeous, point-to-point course on some of the best early season trails in the Pacific Northwest. We can't think of another race in the United States like this one!

Check-in will be at Benson State Recreation Area, from 7:00-7:45 AM. Buses will depart at 8:00 AM to travel to the race start, and the race will start at 9:00 AM. EVERY 50K RUNNER MUST CHECK IN AT BENSON, AND MUST RIDE THE BUSES TO THE START. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no early start option, and no pacers.


Please note that this is a LOTTERY RACE, and registration for the 2016 50k lottery will open on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22nd.
Runners will have until midnight on NOVEMBER 12th to enter the lottery via UltraSignup.
Lottery results will be posted Thursday, November 19th, both via email (via the email address you use to register for the race), and via the 50k UltraSignup entrants list.
If you miss the lottery for any reason, you will not be able to sign up once registration is closed and lottery results have been posted.

To register for the lottery, sign up for the race as usual via UltraSignup.
No charges for anything race-related [registration, shirts, etc.] will be applied to your credit card until you are selected for the lottery.
You need to complete the UltraSignup registration in its entirety to be eligible for the lottery.
You may enter any race-transfer or volunteer coupons you have when you sign up for the lottery.
If you are selected for the lottery on November 12th, your credit card information will be automatically charged.
If you're not selected for the lottery and used a coupon code during your registration, you'll be able to use that code for a future Rainshadow race.

You can bypass the lottery altogether if you volunteered at the Gorge 50k in 2015, and/or by signing up with Matt & Kerri to volunteer [and/or bring a volunteer with you] during the 2016 race-weekend. BUT you will still need to register via UltraSignup as if you were entering the lottery. You will then be added to a bypass list based on your volunteer service. To request to be assigned to a volunteer position during the weekend, email Matt & Kerri at



To park at Benson State Recreation Area, you need either a $5 day pass that you can purchase on site at the fee kiosk (Debit/credit cards only; no cash or check), or you can use your 12 month or 24 month Oregon State Park Pass, if you purchase one prior to race day. [We highly recommend purchasing one prior to race-day.]

Since the 50k is a point-to-point course, ALL 50k RUNNERS are bused from the finish (Benson State Recreation Area) to the start (Wyeth campground/trailhead) at 8 AM. DON'T BE LATE FOR THE BUS. One bus will transport "warm-up" clothes from the start back to the finish, if there are things you'll want at the start, but not once the race starts.

Post-race, we'll hang out at the Benson Lake State Recreation Area, where we'll have locally brewed beer and other beverages, and a great spread of food, including handmade hot pizza. Rain or shine, The Pine Hearts will also be playing live at the finish.

There really isn't another race in the United States like this one. Why run anywhere else?

For more details, including course maps, course profiles, and tons of other information, please visit and select the Gorge 50k from our "Races" tab.

*As with most Rainshadow races, we don't do wait-lists for the Gorge Waterfalls 50k, and all entries are non-refundable and non-transferable to other runners.* *50% transfer credit will be available for anyone who emails us [] at least 30 days' prior to race-weekend.*

Local time: 4:49 AM


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