Saturday, Oct 13, 2012

Gibbet 50

First Landing State Park

Virginia Beach, VA 50 Miler, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 13, 2012

Race Cancelled

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled. 


In the 1700's, along the shores of Virginia Beach near First Landing State Park, pirating was frequent and not without bloodshed. Legend has it that captured pirates were often executed by gibbet, a gallows style structure. Pirates were often left hanging to warn others wanting to cause harm. As a nod to the history of First Landing State Park, and of course, a play on Halloween we bring you, The Gibbet Races.

Using all marked trails throughout First Landing State Park, runners will make two full loops. Relay teams and 25-milers will each run one loop of the course. Trails are primarily flat with varying terrain, i.e., sand, pine needles, wooden bridges, tree roots. Mostly runnable, there are a few sections that have technical short steep hills. Stunning water and trails views along the way. Terrain: 95% trail, 5% road

Local time: 9:21 PM


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