Saturday, Mar 24, 2012

Dances with Dirt - Green Swamp

Dade City FL 50 Miler, 50K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 24, 2012


Florida DWD, what can you expect?
The dirt crew has been tromping around all 110,000 acres of the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve to craft an unforgettable DWD running experience.

Yes, DWD is famous for finding very challenging, memorable, “stupid sections”, but we also make sure that 90% of the course is beautiful, run-able trail. This goes for all events at DWD … no one escapes the “Insane terrain” but everyone fulfills the wilderness trail running jones, and we’re talking serious wilderness in Florida.

The Green swamp, as you can imagine, is flat. The footing is generally good but cypress swamps have stalagmite (little spikes coming out of the ground) kind of roots to keep you on your toes or on your face. Winter is the dry season (Unless it isn’t!). The way things are looking; Florida is in a bit of a drought so we’re guessing this year’s event will be on the dry side. This is OK; you have a better chance of seeing where the gators are as you pick you way through the “Stupid spots”. Yes, I’m not kidding! What I’m getting at is that it is easy to steer clear, a good thing.

All individual trail runs (13.1, 26.2, 50K, 50M) are loops, pretty much no repeated trail. We like that, we figure you will too. More adventure! All events start and finish in the same spot, a big field in the Withlacoochee River Park, a gem of a park we fell in love with. We run first in the River Park, then into the Green Swamp Preserve, the relay and 50 mile will go into Colt Creek State Park (Not on any map). The 50 mile starts in the dark on 5 miles of two track so it will be easier to follow before sunrise, the cool part, this two track loop takes you into some serious wilderness at the time critters are moving! This should keep the heat rate crankin’!

Maps should be done and posted by mid December, not to worry, they won’t help! Also, the final course may change a bit from the map depending on rainfall and stuff that happens.

Local time: 7:56 AM