Saturday, Feb 18, 2012

Folsom South Side Trail Run

Folsom Lake, Folsom Point

Folsom CA 50K, 38 Miler, 10K, 21 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 18, 2012


95% single tract 5% dirt road. The course is primarily run on the South Side Trail. All very appealing single tract, great running, some technical sections. Gentle rolling hills in El Dorado Hills, trail parallels Folsom Lake, oak trees, lush green grass, nice scenery, views of Folsom Lake, surrounding foothills and some views of the Sierras. 10k, 21 miler out and back. 50k at Salmon Falls aid station does a clockwise loop returning to he South Side Trail. 38 milers at Salmon Falls aid station continue East to the Sweetwater Trail & turnaround at the SRA aid station and return to Salmon Falls aid station looping around back to the South Side Trail returning to the finish.

Local time: 8:28 PM

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