Saturday, Aug 25, 2012

Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed

Redmond Watershed Preserve

Redmond, WA 5 Miler, 10 Miler, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 25, 2012

Half Marathon Series Final Race

The Half Marathon distance of the Summer Blast is the final event in the best-3-of-4 2013 Half Marathon Trail Series.

Course Description

All courses start and finish adjacent to the South (main) parking lot off Novelty Hill Road. All have low to moderate climb and mostly relatively wide, smooth trails, with few steep parts.

The 5-mile course is a lollipop loop, with runners leaving the start and returning to the finish via the same trail.

The 10-mile course is two times around the 5-mile course, with a pass by the aid station near the finish at the halfway mark.

The Half Marathon course is two identical laps, which generally follow the 5-mile course route but have two added out-and-back sections. The Marathon course is four of these laps.

Half Marathon and Marathon runners will pass by the aid station at the start/finish between each lap, and there will be an additional aid station 3.54 miles into the 6.55-mile Half-Marathon/Marathon course loop, for a total of three well-spaced aid stations for Half-Marathon runners and seven for Marathon runners.

For a more detailed route description, including the location of aid stations, visit the Redmond Watershed Preserve trail run page at Northwest Trail Runs.

Northwest Trail Runs provides courses that are clearly marked and precisely measured, we record a finish time for all finishers, and we post results to the website after the event. Longer courses will have well-stocked aid stations, and there will be refreshments at the finish.

Local time: 1:12 AM

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