Saturday, Aug 18, 2012

Mount Cuckoo

Stoudtburg Village

Adamstown, PA 15K, 30K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 18, 2012


Raceday registration is available from 6:45AM - 7:50AM. 

Ever since I started running I noticed quite some differences between roadrunners and trail runners. Roadrunners seem to be skinnier, always wear a gps watch, and usually run only road races that are downhill with tailwind to ensure another 1.3 sec PR.

They eat a lot of carrot sticks to keep their weight down and have a close relationship to their shrink and yoga instructor. Trail runners seem to be extremely laid back. They only run hard, if they expect a shortage of beer at the end of a run. After a run they look like a toddler who played in the sandbox on a rainy day. They usually have a close relationship to the local brew master or at the very least one of their friends is a home brewer.

These 2 types of runners always look at each other rather suspiciously, they rarely mix, but both think their way of running is  “the” way. I’m not sure if our race will settle the score, but will give both groups the opportunity to compete against each other. Mount Cuckoo 15k will probably be the hardest 15K a road runner ever ran. While one half of the course features flat or downhill road sections, the trail section will feature rocks and roots and send you up Mount cuckoo twice. Mid race you will encounter one of the longest and steepest driveways in Berks country up to the “Alpine lodge” where Heidi will also serve alternative beverages and keep score which team actually drank more (as if there is a question about that). Team challenge “Road runners versus Trail runners” will be scored x-country style and bonus points for the alpine lodge rehydration challange will be added. So run your 5K PR some other day, embrace the challenge of this unusual race and celebrate with a post race beer at Stoudtsburg village (has BYOB license) without having to hide it from the local Park ranger.

Local time: 3:40 AM


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