This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 21, 2012

Before Signing Up--9hr cutoff

Before you sign up. Be aware that after much deliberation with our volunteers, we are imposing strict cut-offs for this event. Our volunteers are the backbone of this event and we want to be fair to them on race day. Some of them are on course from 7am until 7pm which is way too long. We want our last aid station (top of SOB) shut down by 4pm. This is the 7 hour mark which leaves a hiker 2 hours to finish the last 4 miles in order to finish in under 9 hours. Our first cut-off will be mile 9. You have until 2:30pm to reach the top of Johnson Run Trail. If you do not agree with this system, please do not sign up. This is a rugged trail race and we understand that not everyone can complete this course. But we expect all registered 25K runners/hikers to finish in under 9 hours. The 50K in under 10 hours.

Registration Rules



Welcome to the 10th annual Hyner View Trail Challenge. For those of you who have taken on the Challenge in the past....Welcome Back!!! For those "newbies" out there....get ready for the ride of your life. The course is set up to challenge each individual both mentally and physically. There are three major climbs and three major descents over a course filled with vistas, stream crossings, and single track paths. The HVTC is a LaSportiva Mountain Cup race and is part of Trailrunner Magazine's Trophy Series. 12 out of the 12 Trophy Series winners chewed up the same dirt at Hyner in 2015. We would love to see another great showing in 2016!!

The HVTC 25K has a cap of 1000 total runners or a deadline date of March 20th....whichever occurs first. Registration is now open so please don't wait too long. The 50K, offered to experienced runners only, starts at 8am. Runners are expected to traverse the course in 9 hours or less. The 25K, open to runners and hikers alike, starts at 9am and there will be new cut-off times in place to ensure a sub 9 hour finish. Hikers must reach the mile 9 aid station by 2:30pm. That is a 1.6 MPH pace which is more than generous.
Parking is across the street at the airfield as usual. There will be no parking at the WCSA clubhouse near the start/finish. Please arrive early on race day to pick up race bag and bib as registration will end at 8:30am in order to get everyone across the street to the start line.

Local time: 7:31 PM


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