Friday, Sep 7, 2012

Woodstock Festival

Hell Creek Ranch

Pinckney, MI 100 Miler, 100K, 50 Miler, 50K, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 5 Miler

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Registration for this event is not being hosted on UltraSignup. However, we are selling a few discounted entries. Purchase any available entry by clicking on the green "Claim" button. Once paid for, you will receive instructions to register on the official website. If you do not see a "Claim" button, you can still register for the event using this Link.

About the event

An event filled week¬end but lots of time to mel¬low, med¬i¬tate and make out. Entry into any Sat¬urday morn¬ing run/walk event or week¬end pass gets you entry into all the week¬end laid back runs, hip¬pie hikes, music, yoga and non-sense!

Timed Event dis¬tances: Flower Power 5K, Hip¬pie Half, Mel¬low Marathon, Freak 50K, Peace Love & 50 Miles, Hap¬pen¬ing 100K and the Hal¬lu¬ci¬na¬tion 100 Mile!

And dig this, we also have laid back runs, The Far Out 5K, Feelin’ Groovy 5K/10K and Free Love 5 Mile … evening runs have the option to get in some “Nat¬ural” miles.

Get in a run, mel¬low out, lis¬ten to tunes, do some yoga and go for another run! Or just come for the music!… At Run Wood¬stock, find har¬mony and get into the groove, and invite your body to regain its karmic balance.

Tie dye, peace signs and other head shop look¬ing race paraphernalia.
The 100 mile finisher’s belt buckle is far out! Every fin¬isher gets a groovy peace sign medal! Other cool hip¬pie stuff for every¬one! Fire up the under¬ground and spread the word.


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