This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 19, 2013


Dahlonega Ultra Marathon Association


24hrs of HOSTELity



Dahlonega's first 24hr timed running event, run on a well maintained .65 mile dirt loop trail in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

The Hiker Hostel has gratiously opened up their trails and facilities, which include ... a crew area to set up tents during the event, 1 fully stocked aid station at the start/finish line, port-a-jon on course, and an indoor kitchen that crews will have access to. There will also be a warming area and first aid station in the lower level of the Hostel.

During this year's event, the course direction will change every 6 hours!


24hrs of HOSTELity WILL challenge you !!

Are you tough enough for Dahlonega's easiest 24hr trail run ?? 




Accomodations avaliable at the Hiker Hostel 


Race info avaliable at

Local time: 2:15 PM


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