Wednesday, May 15, 2002
This Event Took Place Wed. May 15, 2002


The Soapstone Mountain Trail Races are popular, long-standing races in North Central Connecticut. 2017 marks the 34th year for the Soapstone events.

There are two races on event day: a 22k (approx. 13.5 miles) and a 6k "Sampler" which has been renamed this year to the Jerry Stage 6k. This is in honor of the many years of love, sweat and tears that Jerry Stage put into these races. May he rest in peace. Both races run through the extremely beautiful and scenic area around Soapstone Mountain, Shenipsit Forest State Park. Participants in the 22k race climb to the peak of Soapstone Mountain. The races are put on every year by the Shenipsit Striders, a 42 year old trail running club in north-central Connecticut.

The 22k and then 6k are both mass start. In past years the Jerry Stage 6k "Sampler" was a handicap start based on age and gender. Due to confusion about place and time as well as more and more people wanting to run with another person we have voted to remove the handicap start and replace it with a mass start. For the 22k distinctive awards go to the top male and female finisher as well as the top finishers in each age catagory; Under 40, 40 - 49, 50 - 59 and 60+. Awards go to the top overall male and female for the 6k Sampler as well as first place in 0-12, 13-18, 19-29, 30-29, 30-49, 50-59 and 60+. Everyone gets the satisfaction of completing the course.

Walkers are welcome in the Sampler.
There are cutoff times in the 22K for the safety of all. The cut off is 2 hours at Aid Station 2 (~7 miles) and 3 hours at Aid Station 3(~11.5 miles). Please be sure to come fit and ready to run.

22k Course
The first mile of the 22k travels along a slightly downhill dirt road before turning sharply onto a more 'traditional' hiking trail. From there it starts a slow accent towards Soapstone Mountain. After crossing the first road, the trail makes another sharp right where participants are challenged with the first difficult climb - a very steep 1/2 mile trail named "Killer Hill". Once at the top of the hill, runners travel by the Soapstone Mountain observation tower and then run down a steep descent. Following the downhill, the trail becomes a series of switchbacks and rollers through the woods - though it's challenging, the rollers aren't steep enough to dramatically alter one's overall pace. There are brook crossings and a muddy stream descent. There are lots of rocks and roots to twist ankles on. Watch your footing! Towards the latter half of the race, the course has one more significant climb up a single track, followed by a steep descent on a dirt trail continuing on dirt road and finishing on single track to end the race in a grassy field surrounded by family and friends. The entire course is marked with painted white dots on rocks and trees. In areas where the trail splits or is tricky there will be additional flagging.

Jerry Stage 6k "SAMPLER" Course
This race starts on the same dirt road as the 22k but turns right onto single track within a 1/2 mile and then meanders through thick forest before crossing the same dirt road into a sand pit, back onto single track trail, then left onto more dirt road, a right hand turn into the woods and finishing on grassy field. The course is well marked wirh flagging and signs.

New this year: Aid station will provide Tailwind Hydration.

Event Overview

The race venue is very family friendly. There are horses to view, trails to hike and open fields to run in. Following the race is a fabulous vegetarian meal for all runners and volunteers (family and friends can eat for a donation of $5 per person). Bring a lawn chair and stay the day. We encourage you to also bring your own bowl, spoon and cup to cut down on waster and help the environment. .

The 22k start is at 9am. The Jerry Stage 6k starts at 9:10am. A FREE kids race begins at 12 noon.

There is race day entry with an increase in price to $30 for the 22k and $15 for the 6k. Day-of registration and bib pickup begins at 7:45am.

Spectator Tips

It is best to hang out at the finish line where Sampler runners will be crossing the line in the first hour and the 22k runners will appear around 11am. It you want to see the 22k competitors running, the best place to watch is at Gulf Road parking lot or on top of Soapstone Mountain at the fire tower. You can drive or hike to the top of Soapstone. Runners cross over the top on the way out and near to top on the way back. If you would like to see your runner out on the course, volunteering at an aid station, is a great way to do it. Contact Debbie (RD) if you would like to volunteer or you have a friend that would. Volunteers get a free meal.

Local time: 10:16 PM


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