This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 23, 2012


Third year for the Jackal Trail Marathons. This will be first in the five marathon series in consecutive days. This one is on a fair trail that is covered with foliage that will heat up like an oven as the day progresses.

The trail is 3.75 miles and the race will consist of running this loop 7x. The S/F will have a place you can have a drop bag.

Water/Gatorade will be provided along with some ultra foods that you'll see once ever loop. A self-serve water cooler will be placed about half way along the loop as well.

June 21 - The Jackal Trail Marathon:
June 22 - Backass Jackal Trail Marathon:
June 23 - Asphalt Jackal Trail Marathon:
June 24 - Dragonfly Jackal Marathon:
June 25 - Native Jackal Marathon:

Local time: 1:40 AM


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Joshua Holmes
Race Director

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