Saturday, Sep 8, 2012

Lapham Peak Trail Race

Lapham Peak State Park

Delafield, WI Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 8, 2012


The marathon course will be 4 loops of the black loop/Moraine Ridge Trail, and the half-marathon will be two loops of the black loop/Moraine Ridge Trail. On the Lapham Peak trail map it states, “this loop is 7 miles”, but it is not. I measured it with a measuring wheel and it is 6.5 miles on the dot.

The black loop has some rolling hills along with a few very steep short hills and a three longer hill climbs; there are flat spots as well. The trail itself is wide (most places 12-15 feet) and consists of grass and hard packed dirt (unless it rains a lot) with some rocks a few roots. This trail is not technical, rocky or absurd but you will have to keep your focus on the trail.

Marathon and half-marathon runner’s will run up to the top of the tower on their FIRST LOOP ONLY. It is a small diversion and will get us to the right distance for both races. Plus, if it is a nice day, you will love the view from up top. Always stay to the right and respect other visitors who are utilizing the tower. You will run up, circle the top and run down and back to the black loop. Everything will be marked for you to follow. The following loops you will stay on the black loop – it is one and done with the tower.

Local time: 10:40 AM

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