This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 28, 2013


Starting at Timpanogos Park trail head, the course continues east on the Middle Aqueduct Road and connects at the Great Western Trail to the Upper Aqueduct Road, the course runs west on the Upper Aqueduct Road to the shooting range and connects to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, runs Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Battle Creek Canyon. The course picks up the Fire Break Road and runs north to Grove Creek Canyon Trail Head. The 50K travels east up the Grove Creek trail, switching back several times and connecting to the Blue Ledge Trail. The course travels up to Indian Springs, just past Indian Springs the trail connects with trial 051 which runs north looping up and crossing Timpanooke Road. The trail continues north for several miles before exiting back onto Timpanooke Road. Timpanooke road is followed back down to trail Trail #49 across G mountain to Trail #50, west down Battle Creek Canyon, over to Curly Springs trail to Dry Canyon, to Trail #051 to the Rock Pile, connecting back to Trail #49, to and across the Upper Aqueduct Road,running the Bike Race Trails direct to the finish line at Timpanogos Park


There will be 5 aid stations on the course excluding the start and finish line location. Each station will be as set up at designated areas that allow for proper access, and that allow race officials to provide the necessary aid to the runners. It is HIGHLY recommended that runners carry some type of water i.e. hydration pack, hand held, or fanny pack.

Start and Finish Line – Timpanogos Park (Bathrooms are fixed cite on location)

1- Gun Range Aid Station: mile 8. (Bathrooms are fixed cite on location)

2- Grove Creek Trail Head Aid Station: mile 13. (Bathrooms are fixed cite on location)

4- Indian Springs Aid Station: mile 16.

5- (Repeat) Indian Springs Aid Station: mile 24.

5 - Dry Canyon Aid Station: mile 29.

Aid stations will be stocked with the following:

Water, electrolyte drink, electrolyte tablets, gummy bears, pretzels, peanut butter quarter sandwiches, water melon, grapes, and a mix of other goodies.

Local time: 10:10 AM


Amy Perez
Race Director
Shaun Christian
Race Director