This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, 2013


We outgrew our old venue and are moving across Whiskeytown Park to a new starting area at the Oak Bottom Marina. Our new course is 6.00 miles long each way, mostly flat, mostly single-track very scenic. You must finish each 6-mile stretch in under 90 minutes. Each 90 minutes we will send you back out to do it again. 4MPH = 15:00 minutes per mile. What could be easier than that? This is a very fun, unique, social event! You will always be tied for the lead (until you fail to finish a leg on time). Whether you are planning to do 12 miles in 3 hours or 120 miles in 30 hours (or whatever), this will be a great opportunity to "go long". Full details on the website. 3 Distance/ Pricing Tiers available.

Local time: 7:13 AM


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Mark Swanson
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