Saturday, Mar 30, 2013

The 4MPH Challenge

Whiskeytown , CA Group C - up to 18 Miles, Group B - up to 36 Miles, Group A - Unlimited

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, 2013

March 29-30, 2014

The 4MPH Challenge will be held on the same course, same weekend, but we won't be competing with Easter this time! Registration will open December 16, 2013.


Can you manage a 15 minute per mile pace on gently rolling single track trails?  

Of course you can!

And in this race, that’s all you have to do!  15 minutes per mile.  4 MPH.

A nice gently rolling 6 mile long loop.  Anything under 90 minutes counts as success! When you get back, you can sit down, eat and drink, visit with other runners, whatever…

When the 90 minutes are up, everyone who made it back on time gets to…
Do It Again!
90 minutes later…  Do It Again!

The first time that you fail to make it back in 90 minutes, “Yerrrrr Outttt!”
And if you do make it, congratulations, you’re tied for first place!
How many laps can you do?  How many miles?
How long can you keep up a 4MPH pace?

Since everyone starts every lap together and hangs out together between laps, this is a very social event.  As for the race itself, whether your goal is one lap or 20, your main competition is yourself.  How far can you go?  How long can you keep up this blistering pace?  No time limit, I’ll stick around as long as you maintain the 4MPH pace.

This is a low key event.  Bring a chair and whatever else you need including your own food (and a flashlight?).  You’ll have access to it at the end of each lap.  We’ll provide water and ice and grill up a few burgers or other goodies from time to time.  Camping will be available Friday and Saturday night at the start/finish for those so inclined. We don’t have room for large RV’s but there are RV spaces in the park a few miles from the start/finish.

Registration Options & Starting times: 
Group C's fee covers up to 3 laps (18 miles). Group C starts at 10:00AM.
Group B's fee covers up to 6 laps (36 miles). Group B starts at 8:30AM.
Group A's fee covers unlimited mileage.  Starting time: 7:00AM.

Local time: 6:39 PM


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