Saturday, Oct 12, 2013 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 12, 2013

Ruffner Mtn Crusher Ridge

This is a challenging 21K loop with multiple loop options for 42 and 63K distances.  Consisting of approximately 10 miles of single track trail, 2.5 miles of rolling jeep road and less than a mile of pavement.  Trails are technical and incorporate 4,500' of elevation change across the single 21K loop.  Ruffner Mountain is an old mining site in urban Birmingham that has been reclaimed by nature and is now maintained for recreational use.  Even though it's surrounded by neighborhoods, it's large enough to make you feel you're in the middle of a national park, without the chance of getting too lost.  Course will be marked with sprinkler flags, survey tape and signage at turns.  Alabama Outdoors is providing great schwag and professional timing will provide immediate, accurate results.  Runners may switch distances at any time before or during the race by notifying race officials.  Medals for all finishers and awards for overall and age groups.    

Course Directions

Ruffner Mountain Crusher Ridge 21, 42, 63K 10.12.13 8:00 am Presented by Alabama Outdoors. Sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and David Christy Photography (Thanks Guys!) Timing by DG Racing. Awards by Todd Henderson, RD of Pinhoti 100 and Alabama Outdoors. Thanks to BUTS, Birmingham Ultra Trail Society, for their volunteers and providing a drawing for 5 free entries into their first ultra, The Bearly Ultra 27, 13.5 and 9 mile race set for 12.21.13. Race day packet pick-up begins at 6:30 am as does race day registration, $45.00. $45.00 Three aid stations evenly spaced across the course with aid at the start/finish as well. Bottles are highly recommended. Course directions (disclaimer – this may change somewhat to ensure distance is at least, if not slightly more than 21K for the loop. It’s guaranteed to give you a heck of a run for your money regardless. As is standard, course will be over-marked.) • Start/finish at the amphitheater behind the pavilion where packet pickup/registration takes place. Proceed across the paved entry onto the Marion Harnach Trail. Veer left onto Geology. • Geology will dump out onto a paved service road which you’ll go straight across and onto the white Quarry Trail. • Proceed to Grey Fox Gap where you’ll veer right onto Possum Loop. Take a left into and around inside the quarry. Hang a left back onto Possum Loop. It eventually runs into the red Overlook trail. Veer right and right again back down to Grey Fox Gap. • Hang a right down to the ballfields – Aid Station 1. • Left onto Ridge and Valley. Right at the Crusher trail going down and past the crusher and back up. Hang a right and an immediate left onto the Mine Ruin trail (this one hasn’t been used in a Ruffner race before). • It dumps out onto the Quarry trail, turn right and go back up that trail. Instead of veering left back to the Nature Center, go right/straight onto the red Hollowtree Trail. Turn left onto the jeep road. • Turn right onto the Buckeye Trail down to Pipeline jeep road. Hang a right at the wetlands to Aid Station 2. Turn right on Sandstone Trail (lollypop), right onto the wetlands trail around the swamp (pea gravel and boardwalk) and right back up to where you’ll turn right back onto Pipeline jeep road. • Turn right toward Ruffner Road Trail Head (Palmer Salvage). Left onto Red Lake Trail (not a marked trail and not on the standard map). Right onto the jeep road. • Left at the connector to Lizard Loop. Right onto Lizard Loop and follow around. Hang a right toward crusher #2 (not marked or on std map), right onto another unmarked trail veering right after the ‘streamlet’ crossing. • Turn left at the North Trail (again not marked or on std map), turn left onto Blood Chute (you guessed it, not marked or on std map). Down to crusher #2 (part of this trail doesn’t even exist yet, but will after 10.06.13). Left at the crusher back to Lizard Loop where you’ll hang a right. • Right onto a connector trail and right onto the Apex Trail (not marked or on std map). At the top take a left to aid station 3. • Take a right down the paved road for a short bit, then left at the fire tower to the new trail. Turn left onto the jeep road. Right onto the red Hollowtree Trail. • Right onto Quarry, and an immediate left onto Trillium. Half mile to the finish!

Local time: 10:51 PM


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