Saturday, Jun 1, 2013 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 1, 2013


How many times can you circle A Mountain? Starting at 0800 in the morning you will depart from the Northeast parking lot and proceed to do as many laps around A Mountain as possible. This is not an official event sponsored by anyone. 


The course will circumnavigate A Mountain and is approximately 4 miles long (more precise distance will be provided once the course is marked).  It will be marked with with flags and chalk.  There will be trash cans at the course HQ but none on the course therefore absolutely NO LITTERING on the course.  We will have an unmanned water station approximately halfway on the course.

During the race we will have six rotations of the course.  The race will start with all runners going clockwise around the mountain.  After 4hrs the racers, after the completion of their current lap, will switch to running the course counterclockwise.  After another 4hrs the racers will switch to clockwise upon completion of their current lap.  We will be advising runners when to switch and will keep everyone updated when the switch is approaching.

Local time: 6:27 PM


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