Saturday, Nov 23, 2013
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 23, 2013

The Race

Blood Rock 100 - 26,114ft of Elevation GAIN - 44 Hour Cutoff
Blood Rock 50 - 13,057ft of Elevation GAIN - 22 Hour Cutoff
Blood Rock 50K - 8,980ft of Elevation GAIN - 14.5 Hour Cutoff
Blood Rock 25K - 4,010ft of Elevation GAIN - 6.5 Hour Cutoff

Race Shirt Cutoff - November 22nd

The shirt order absolutely must go in on the 23th. Please register early to insure getting one of these really cool shirts. Additional Long Sleeve Tech shirts and 100% Poly Hoodies with the look and feel of cotton will also go off sale on the 23rd.


Online registration closes Monday, November 30th at midnight.

Lodging and Camping at Blood Rock

We have reserved all 10 cabins at the start of the Blood Rock 100 and 50 Mile, 55K & 25K race. Runners may reserve a cabin on a first-come-first-serve basis starting May 1st. The cabins go quickly. Don't wait. Here is a link to the Cabins Reservations page:Reserve a Cabin Here starting May 9th.

There is also a very nice campground 2-miles from the start. Watch for Updates on Facebook at the Blood Rock 100 Facebook Page.

Blood Rock 100 Mile

Blood Rock 100 is a Southeastern Trail Runs race. The race will take place at Oak Mountain State Park, starting and ending at the Cabins on Tranquility Lake. The 100 Mile Race will start at 12:00 Noon, Friday, December 4th. Aid stations distances range from 3 to 7 miles apart. The Cutoff for the 100 Mile Race will be 44 Hours. Due to the extremely difficult and remote nature of the backcountry sections of Blood Rock, we must enforce mandatory cutoffs in 2020.

The Blood Rock 50 Mile

Blood Rock 50 Mile is a Southeastern Trail Runs race. The race will take place at Oak Mountain State Park, starting and ending at the Cabins on Tranquility Lake. The course will be a single 50 Mile Loop. About 20 miles of the 50 will be on very difficult backcountry trails with some of the steepest climbs in the southeast. The Cutoff for the Friday Start is 10:00 AM Saturday, Dec 5th, (22 hours.)

There will be an Alternative start for the 50 Mile at 8:00 AM, Saturday, December 5. IF you plan to start Saturday you do not need to show up Friday. Just arrive Saturday AM for the 25 & 50K Start.

Please note: Place Awards for the 50 Mile will be given to runners starting at the official start, Friday,December 4th at Noon. Those starting at the alternative start, Saturday Dec 5th at 8:00 AM, will not be eligible for place awards. They will be official finishers and receive finisher awards.

Blood Rock 25K and 50K

The Blood Rock 25 & 50K races are Southeastern Trail Series Points races and take place at Oak Mountain State Park. Both races start and end at The Cabins on Tranquility Lake. Both races will start at 8:00 AM Saturday, December 5th. The course for both races will be the same for the first 12.2 Mile to the North Trailhead Aid Station #2. There 25K runners will return to the start/finish on the Yellow Trail for the 25K finish. 50K runners will turn around and head back into the backcountry following the same route, eventually returning to the NTH at mile 22. They will then follow the Yellow Trail to the Start/Finish. After the aid station at The Cabins, mile 25, 50K runners will make a 7 mile loop before returning to The Cabins and the finish. Runners in both races will be on very difficult backcountry trails with some of the steepest climbs in the southeast during this first section of the Blood Rock race. 25 and 50K Runners my NOT have pacers or dropbags.

Weekend Schedule

Don't forget, the park charges $5 per person to enter Oak Mtn State Park. Credit cards are NOT accepted.
Friday, December 4th – 9:30 to 11:30 AM - Mandatory runner check-in and Packet Pickup for 100 and 50 at The Cabins.
There will be NO Late Registration on Friday or Saturday for Blood Rock Races. All registrations close Monday Nov 30th.

Friday December 4th – 11:40 AM – Prerace Briefing at the Cabins. The pre-race meeting is mandatory for 100 and 50 Mile Runners. Drop Bags for 50 and 100 mile runners may be left a The Cabins before the start.

Friday December 4th – 12:00 Noon – Start of the 100 Mile and 50 Mile Trail Races.

Saturday, December 5th – 6:00 to 7:40 AM - Packet Pickup and mandatory check-in for all runners starting Saturday morning at the Cabins Start Area.

Saturday, December 5th – 7:40 AM - Race briefing for 25 & 50K runners and 50 mile runners starting Saturday morning. Briefing is at the Cabins.

Saturday, December 5th – 8:00 AM - Start of the 25 and 50K and alternative start for the 50 Mile Race.

Sunday, December 6th - 8:00 AM - Blood Rock 100 Course Closes.

Mandatory Cutoffs must be strictly enforced. This is a requirement by the OMSP Director.

Refunds and Credits

We offer full refunds available through Ultrasignup up to 30 days before the race. You may also roll your entry over until the next year or receive a 100% Credit for future Southeastern Trail Runs races. After that date, when you cancel your registration, you will be given the option to rollover your entry until the next year or receive full credit that can be applied to any STR race in the next year.

In the event the race must be cancelled as the result of events beyond our control, (forest fires or park closure are the most likely potential cause of cancellation of our races at OMSP) we will give a full refund up to 30 days prior to the event. After that, your entry will automatically be rolled over to the next year.

Local time: 3:00 PM


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