September 10 - 15, 2013

Run Bum Tour : Canadian Rockies

Calgary, AB Multi-Day Tour

This Event Took Place Tue. Sep 10, 2013


Check out this link of some of the beauty of the Canadian Rockies!


SEPTEMBER 10th – 15th, 2013 Departs from Calgary Airport
Only 2 out of 5 slots remaining!!!!!!

The Low Down:
The Run Bum himself will pick you up and take you to on a 6 day/ 5 night adventure through the Canadian Rockies. Run Bum Sean has spent well over 8 weeks in his life running and exploring the Canadian Rockies. He knows all the best trails and scrambles in the area. You have seen all the beautiful photos he's taken but imagine what it would be like to actually be there. NOW YOU HAVE THE CHANCE. 6 days with your own personal adventure guide!


Imagine this perfect day...
Wake up and strap on your trail shoes. Hit an untouched and remote single track trail that leads up into the mountains. Where man is a visitor. Follow the trail to the top of a breath taking view as the sun rises over the majestic Canadian Rockies. Take countless photos that will make your friends more jealous than you can imagine. But really you'll know they are only a small bit of the entire experience.
Then it's back to the van to get breakfast, maybe a nap, a beer, a read or whatever you like. All with the back drop of the Canadian Rockies beckoning for you to come explore them.
Later that day we drive some where else to check out more trails and views.

Watch wildlife as we drive around from place to place. Moose, deer, bighorn sheep, marmots, beavers, and birds of all kinds inhabit the area.
We will be running and road-tripping each day, staying in simple hotels along the way. Trails will range from 10km – 35km each day. The weather in September is the best month for running so we will take full advantage of it and plan our adventure for then. Expect 3-5 hours of on your feet running and hiking. Remember we're really far north so the days are REALLY long. This means more time to play!


Who should go?
5 days of running is nothing to be taken lightly. Participants must be comfortable and ready to handle back to back days on the trail. The trails vary in difficulty. Expect lots of up and down. Lots of single track and lots of fun! The beauty of the Canadian Rockies is that we will be staying at low altitude (around 3,000ft) and you can EASILY get up to 10,000 ft if you really want. The trails that Run Bum is taking you to are incredible! You need to be fit, be ready to run, not fast but at a steady pace and you need to be ready to have a great time. This is an adventure via running.You can always sit adventures out, no harm no foul.

If this isn't the time of your life then we messed up!

Seriously 6 days with Run Bum taking you to DO EPIC SH*T! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!



Lake Louise

If you get the chance google images of all of these places!


What’s Included:
Daily trail adventures with 2 guides. Run Bum and Graham Perkins

Coaching tips

Nightly Accommodations

Transportation departing and returning to Calgary (note there will be one pick up time and one drop off time based upon EVERYONE'S arrival times. )
Freebies from sponsors


What’s Not Included:
Meals (some hotels will have continental breakfast, we will be on trail during lunchtime, dining out nightly, spend as you wish.  We will frequent grocery stores everyday as well.)
Note that there will be 1 pick up and 1 drop off time at Calgary airport!



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Local time: 1:29 PM


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