This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 20, 2013

Course Summary

The Kendall Mountain Run starts in downtown Silverton, Colorado and traverses jeep roads to within a final 250 vertical foot scramble to the summit of Kendall Mountain overlooking town and the majestic San Juan Mountains. Ascend from 9,318 feet to 13,066 feet to tag the summit and take in the view before descending back down the same course. Finish in Silverton's Memorial Park with a post race barbecue & beer garden!

Race Information

Anything else you may need to know is located on our Kendall Mountain Run website!

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US Skyrunner Series

This season we’re switching back to the traditional Skyrunning formula of fifteen quality races across three disciplines to raise the level of competition at each event. With four fewer races than 2015, elite runners will have to race each other head-to-head more frequently for the top honors. Building on the success and inspiration of our first two years, 2016 continues the explosion of international Skyrunning events that have captured the imagination of runners globally. There are now Skyrunner® National Series in many countries around the world, including the US.

2016 also sees the continuation of the North American Skyrunning Continental Championship at the Audi Power of 4 50k (Ultra), Flagstaff Sky Race (Sky) and Mt Albert VK in Canada. See the Continental Championship page for more details.

See how the Altra US Skyrunner® Series fits into the global world of Skyrunning on our Background page.

Details of the Series
Five Sky, five Ultra and five Vertical K® races are distributed across the country, offering expanded opportunities to run in some of the most beautiful locations in the US.

Hundreds of miles of racing including well over 100,000 feet of vertical gain with inclines that will truly push the best mountain runners to their limits and offer unique experiences for every competitor. Distance + Vertical = Skyrunning.

Legendary, iconic and prestigious events make up the calendar, with many of the Vertical K® races doubling up with Sky and Ultra events. The majority of the races have been created or adjusted specifically for the Altra US Skyrunner® Series, broadening the scope of competitive and spectacular Skyrunning races globally.

As Ian Sharman, the Director of the Altra US Skyrunner® Series states: "Ever since I first saw Skyrunning at Transvulcania, it captured my imagination with the audacity and beauty of the courses and sheer difficulty of the races. The events are some of the toughest around but leave runners wanting more, from the leaders to the back of the pack. So I'm really excited and honored to bring the original Skyrunning concept to the US on a wider scale with some of the most exciting races around."

Local time: 2:44 AM


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