Sunday, Mar 7, 2010
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The Ultra Maratón Caballo Blanco is being conducted exclusively by the Municipality of Urique, Chihuahua, México. The Municipality is responsible for all event coordination and race logistics.

The UMCB has an incredible and storied history, and is recognized as one of the world's most recognized Ultras. Started by Micah True to bring runners from all over the world and introduce them to the Ramamuri people and their great culture. The event brings together endurance athletes from all over the planet to run together with over (what is typically) 600 Raramuri athletes. While a separate event, a highlight of the weekend is the UMCB kids race on Saturday (the day before race day) which features 800 plus young athletes in short races around the town of Urique.

As is the normal course of events, The Municipality has recently elected a new Government team. The new administration is excited to help carry on the special tradition of the 'race of the white horse'. It is a very important week for the local community and all of the Sierra Tarahumara. Being new and wanting to ensure the best experience for all, the Municipality has asked a group of Mas Locos (members of the family of runners who have experienced this great event over the years) to help out by sharing information and helping 'get the word out'.

Again, while the Municipality is the sole promoter and coordinator of the race, the Ultra Caballo Blanco is most important to many Mas Locos and they are available to help. The Municipality plans to have race specific information sometime in the near future - however almost every aspect of he previous events will remain the same. Until this time, there is basic information that exsists outside of the Urique website from previous events (shared by Norwas de Raramuri or others who helped support the event in previous years since Micah's passing). This information is NOT for this year's event. This information exsists but the sources are not involved at all in this years event. Future updates for this coming March 2017 event will be forthcoming. Also information about transportation options, accommodations and support and other logistical information will be shared. We all look forward to what is going to be an amazing event!

Local time: 10:41 AM
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