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Waitlist & Additional Dinner Ticket Information


The entrant list has been published, please see above (click on phone icon). If you were selected in the lottery and you name is not on the entrant list, please correct the information that Ultrasignup has sent you.

The 50 runner wait list can be found above (click on coffee cup icon). This is an ordered wait list, as entrants drop you will be offered a slot with your original registration being used as your registration. If offered you have 3 days to respond, otherwise we go to the next wait listed runner. Movement on the list does not generally occur until late October / early November. Normally we get through 30-35 entrants from the wait list so plan accordingly.

For those who wish to purchase dinner tickets / additional tickets we have only 45 left. You can order more tickets HERE. Don't sit on this opportunity. Tons of fun.


HURT 100


The HURT Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run (HURT 100) is a very difficult event designed for the adventurous and well-prepared ultrarunner. It is conducted on trails located in the mountains above the city of Honolulu (O‘ahu, Hawai‘i). The race is noted for its grueling terrain and for a uniquely scenic course, offering views of the O‘ahu coastline as well as the Pacific Ocean.

Event Overview

- 100 miles over 5 laps (partial out and backs) in a semi-tropical rain forest.

- 99% single-track trails, 1% asphalt.

- Moderately packed soil surface generously interspersed with roots, rocks, puddles, and mud wallows.

- Narrow trails passing through forest, along exposed ridges, and past vertical embankments.

- 20 stream crossings (four per loop).

- Three aid stations per lap.

Local time: 5:23 PM


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