The 2014 Highland Halloween Hundred Trail Un Run, aka H3, has been cancelled due to illness. I'm very sorry for the last minute notice. Kathy was hospitalized on Wednesday due to pancreatitis and we were just now told by her doctor that she will not be released before the weekend. So we have no choice but to cancel H3. Again, I apologize for the last minute notice.

If you made a donation with your signup and would like your donation refunded please e-mail me and I will be happy to take care of it.

Thank you for signing up, and I'm very sorry for the cancellation and any inconvenience we have caused.



This is a Non Standard Distance Adventure Runs event for runners to experience the unique geography and ecology of the Okanogan Highlands. Timing is guaranteed to be semi-accurate, and based on the honor system. Complete details will be given at the pre-race briefing.

All runners participating in this event must do so as capable and experienced trail runners who are responsible for their own well being. Runners must at all times carry enough food and water to cover at least 15 miles, and enough clothing and layers to safely and comfortable run through the night with temperatures in the 20's, but with the possibility of temperatures as low as zero degrees fahrenheit.
All distances are a 42 mile out and back on the 100 Trail, part of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. The course starts at Ras and Kathy's, runs up over Haley Divide, then all the way down to the Highway 97 trailhead in the Okanogan Valley, then reverses direction and climbs back up from the valley floor, over Haley Divide once again, and returns to the start/finish at Ras & Kathy's. Forty-two Milers run the course once, 84 Milers run it twice, and the badasses in the 126 Miler run it three times.

Full aide and drop bag access are available at the Start/Finish and at the Highway 97 Aide Station. There will be one unmanned, self-service water and drop bag station approximately 7 miles from the Start/Finish and 14 miles from the Highway 97 Aide Station.


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