Sunday, Sep 8, 2013 @ 8:00 AM

Ridge to Blazing Ridge Trail Race

Tranquility Road

Pelham, AL 10 Miler, 20 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 8, 2013


Runners MUST start the race with 40oz of water. You must refill water bottles at the North Trailhead water-only aid station. IF YOU START THE RACE WITH LESS THAN 40oz YOU WILL RUN OUT! Bring a hydration belt, pack or handheld bottles. In 2019 the times required to finish the first lap ranged from two hours for the fastest runners to over 6 hours. Most runners will need 2 to 4 hours just to reach the aid station at Billy Goat Gruff Bridge.

Ridge to Blazing Ridge is a Blood Rock Preview Run

If you ran Hotter 'N Hell you got a little "taste" of the Blood Rock Course. Ridge to Blazing Ridge will give you the "First Course" of all the Blood Rock races. Enjoy miles of backcountry trails very few people ever see. You will run through the old rock quarry, climb through several cliff bands, descend down the back side of Double Oak Mountain into the "Outback" and make the awesome descent into and climb out of Shackleford Gap, affectionately known as "Barkley Hill."

Join us for a preview run of the R2BR course in August. Date and time to come. We will start at Redbud Pavilion by the BMX track. The run is hosted by Resolute Running and will be lead by Lisa Booher. Everyone is welcome and it free. No one will be left behind and we regroup every mile or so. Please register if you plan to run at Birmingham Ultra Trail Society Events Page

About the Ridge to Blazing Ridge Race

In 2019, We had 81 Runners Registered for the 21 Mile Race. 37 Finished. I want everyone to understand how difficult this race is. Many runners in both races simply started way to fast. Many ran out of water on the backside of the mountain with two miles and a huge, very steep climb ahead before reaching the Bridge Aid Station. Ask anyone who has run the race before. It is one of the most difficult races you will ever run. Some say it is the hardest!
Remember you are climbing straight up 1/2 mile and descending 1/2 each 10.5 mile lap.

Race 5 of the Southeastern Trail Series, Ridge to Blazing Ridge, will start at the Redbud Pavilion next to the BMX Track. The race will start at 7:00 AM.
Find details on the course on the Southeastern Trail Runs website.

This race is considerably harder than the previous two races and it will probably be very hot. Runners MUST carry water at all times during the race. NO EXCEPTIONS!! For best results, I suggest drinking Tailwind in the place of water. We supply Tailwind at both aid station along with plenty of water.
Don't forget, the park charges $5 per person to enter Oak Mtn State Park. Credit cards are NOT accepted.

All Runners registering by Aug 10th Will Receive Race Shirts

Register for Ridge to Blazing Ridge no later than August 10th and be assured of receiving a race shirt with your entry. Sing up early, get a R2BR Shirt and avoid the late registration price increase.

2020 Weekend Schedule

Friday, August 21st - 4:30 to 6:00 PM: Late Registration and Packet Pickup will be at Mountain High Outfitters store at the Summit. The address is 310 Summit Blvd, #110, Birmingham, AL 35243. The store is located north of Summit Blvd. adjacent to Urban Outfitters.

Saturday, August 22nd - 6:00 to 6:50 AM:
Late Registration and Packet Pickup at the Redbud Pavilion by the BMX Track on Tranquility Road, Oak Mountain State Park. Oak Mountain State Park charges $5 per person to enter the park. Please try to have exact change. Credit cards are not accepted.

Saturday - 7:00 AM: Both races will start at 7:00 AM. If you plan to register at the race please arrive no later than 6:00 AM.

Local time: 8:16 PM


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