Saturday, Mar 23, 2013
This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 23, 2013

Course Overview


Haulin' in the Holler 25k/50k Trail race is made up of 1.25 miles (8%) of paved/gravel road, 1.2 mile (8%) of four wheeler trail, and 13.15 miles (84%) of single track trails

The race begins on a gravel/paved road for about 1.25 miles turning onto the single track trail. This should allow time to spread out before heading into the single track trails on Gun Range. . Aid station one will be located about 5 miles into trails. The trails run along rolling switch backs up the hills until running into a gas line right of way. you will follow the gas line right of way for about 1.2 mile then return to single track trails that will take you around the backside of the hills. Backside will follow back around to the Park side of the hills where you will begin another set of rolling switchbacks descending back into the park and the finish line. Orange surveyor ribbon will be placed along the trail to mark the route with double ribbons placed at turns on the side the turn is to be made. yellow ribbon placed on ground indicates routes that are not to be taken. Scouts and other volunteers will be at places that may be confusing.Remaining Aid stations will be placed around miles 10 and 15.


The 5K begins also begins on gravel/paved road to spread out the field. You will run to the park entrance where you will turn into Creekside trails. Creekside is an easy, gently rolling trail that follows the Creek in the bottom. Upon coming out of Creekside 5K runners will follow the road past Gun Range road and back into the trails by the pavilion. You will then follow the bottom trail back to the Fairgrounds and the Finish line. The 5K route will be marked with blue surveyor ribbon .

Local time: 2:31 PM

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