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Saturday, Apr 12, 2014 @ 7:00 AM

Wild Sebastian - Spring


Fellsmere , FL 25 Miler, 50 Miler, 75 Miler, 100 Miler, Team 100 Miles

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 12, 2014


For 2014 we will have new medals highlighting a Scrub Jay with its Scrub habitat, and the spring edition will bring us back into the south section of the St. Sebastian Preserve state park.

NEW since the November 2013 event:
-we will allow 25 and 50 mile runners to start later if they want to pace another runner for 1 or 2 laps. This will give a runner the chance to pace for example a 100 mile runner during the night and receive for them self a medal/credit for 25 or 50 miles. The start time will be when the runner they want to pace comes thru the timing at start/finish. The max cutoff will be shortened by the time you start later. If you start 7 hours later then your cutoff time will be 25 hours and not 32 hours.

-also we will have a TEAM event. Teams will be up to 4 runners and each runner will have to run a complete lap (25 miles).

Wild Sebastian 100 is a Trail Run in the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park. This Park is beautiful with amazing scenery and wildlife sightings. The trails are mostly flat, running on hard packed dirt and some sandy areas and the possibility of some wet spots. The course is laid out as a 25 mile loop which allows for race distances of 25, 50, 75 and 100 miles. This event is ideal for the runner who wants to step it up from shorter events and try out their stamina at the Ultra Distances, for those training for long distance events.

This Run would also be great if you are planning to run a full 100 miler in the near future and you want to test your fitness level. If you sign up for a certain distance but you cannot or do not want to complete that distance then you still will get the award/recognition for the lesser distance. For example you sign up for the full 100 miles but while you are on the course you decide to complete 75 miles then you will still get the award and be listed in the results for the 75 mile distance and not be listed in the results as a DNF (did not finish) in the 100 mile results, or you already completed three laps (75 miles) but cannot finish the last lap (25 miles) before the cutoff time then you will get the recognition for the 75 miles that you did complete.

The Cutoff times for ALL distances will be 32 hours, with that we give everybody the chance to complete the distance of their choice. We, here at FLOC Racing are committed to make competitions fun for all, not just the elite athlete!

All profits from this event will support programs to get local youth into the great outdoors and to the Citizens for the St. Sebastian Preserve (CSSP). CSSP is the Citizens support organization for the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park and they provide both financial and volunteer support to the Park. The programs for the youth include kayaking, fishing, hiking and camping or full week-long summer camp scholarships.

Local time: 11:10 AM
Mike Beck
Race Director
Kristen Beck