Saturday, Nov 9, 2013

Lake Shasta Trail Runs

Shasta Lake , CA 26.2m , 10km , 15km

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 9, 2013

Course Overview

The Marathon is basically uphill for the first half, climbing from Shasta Dam at 1200' elevation to Bohemotash Mountain at 4432' with a couple of dips and rolls along the way. The first half of trail 18 and the second half of trail 26 are VERY steep, most of the rest isn’t bad. The return from Bohemotash is downhill for about 10.5 miles (!) on a good dirt road with amazing views. Fast and fun if your quads can handle it. The remaining 6 miles to the finish are gently rolling along the lakeshore and flat on the dam. The actual distance is 28 miles – we don’t have much control over where to put the start/finish line and it seemed silly to make everyone turn around less than one mile short of the Bohemotash summit. So technically (but just barely!), this does qualify as an ultra-marathon! The 10K and 15K course each climb the big steep hill up trail 18 to great views of Shasta Lake and beyond and then drop back to Road 1. The 10K course returns to the start via Road 1, more downhill than up. The 15K course rejoins Road 1 down to the Dry Creek trail and back along the lakeshore to the dam. Walkers/hikers are welcome in these distances (you must finish by 4:30 PM).

Local time: 2:20 PM


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