Saturday, Oct 12, 2013
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 12, 2013

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The 8 Hours of Payne is an Endurance Trail Run and Team Relay Race that will start at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm but we guarantee it's not your typical work day. You can run SOLO (SOLO Payne), as teams of 2 (2fer Payne), or teams of 3/4 (3fer or 4fer Payne).

Here is how the event operates: Returning to, and Leaving from the start/finish/exchange area the 5K and 10K loops are joined. About 2 miles from the start/finish is what we call ” Decision Point” which is where the 5K and 10K loops split. At ”Decision Point” there is an AID station with water and a course worker. It is at ”Decision Point” that runners will make their choice "on the fly" which loop to run. No prior commitments are required before reaching ” Decision Point”. After choosing their loop the runner will receive a wristband from the AID station course worker(s) that signifies which loop they ran. If for any reason the runner chooses to backtrack to the split point and go the other way they MUST exchange wristbands. If they do not their SOLO or Team entry will be disqualified.

At the start/finish/exchange area the wristband will be surrendered and used by timing/scoring to keep track of each entries distance traveled. At 5:00pm no runner will be permitted to begin a new loop from the start/finish line or advance to the 10K loop at “Decision Point”. All runners on course should finish the loop they are on.

The wrist bands will be displayed during the event so all participants can see how their competition is doing. Division winners are based on total distance traveled. If multiple entries in the same Division complete the same distance, the Division entry finishing first is the winner. ALL this Payne and strategy too.

October 12, 2013 sunrise will be at 7:52am and sunset at 7:13pm. Average temperature is a low of 45 degrees F and a high of 68 degrees F. Chance of precipitation is 27%. Gate fees for Paynetown SRA are $5 for Indiana residents and $7 for all others.

Local time: 1:34 PM


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