This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 16, 2014


Registration opens January 4th at 5pm EST. The event is limited to the first 300 runners. The fee for the event is $65.00.


The WILDS men of the PA WILDS have done it again. It wasn’t enough to invoke pain and suffering on the ultra folk, we just had to share the pain with the people who like the 50K distance instead. The Pa Trail Dogs, DCNR, Lock Haven University, and a whole bunch of other people who put on your favorite Central Pennsylvania trail events present the Call of the Wilds Mountain Marathon. It's called a Mountain Marathon because once you get out on those remote trails, who knows what the actual distance will be. We encourage runners to embrace this event as more of a 50K instead of a straight up marathon. You will start 2 hours behind the 100 mile folks and cover the same first 17 miles before veering off and climbing a couple different mountains to make it back to the finish line at the gorgeous Little Pine State Park. There you will share the same down home welcoming atmosphere and food you have come to expect at the Green Monster, the Hyner, the Rothrock, and the Mega.

So you want to know about the course? Are you sure? Can you believe some of our committee who have seen it say it is tougher than the Mega (though not as technical), and mile for mile steeper and more elevation than Hyner? Believe it or not…come see for yourself. Names like Bull Run, Huntley Mt, and the infamous Turbert Trail will leave a permanent imprint into your trail running memory.

The Call of the Wilds Mountain Marathon. Part of the Eastern States 100 weekend.

The Wilds are Calling.

300 person limit. Hiker friendly, but you need to finish before dark - 13 hours or less.


Local time: 7:29 PM


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