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The 1 Day for the K.I.A. 24 Hour Endurance Run is a fundraiser to create scholarships for the children of military service members who have been killed in action, missing in action, prisoner of war, or disabled due to duty. Our event and organization consists primarily of ROTC Cadets, The Ohio State University students, and veterans under the guidance of current and former military officers and fallen military families. 1 Day for the K.I.A. also serves to raise awareness regarding Ohio State Buckeyes, to include 908 alumni, former faculty/staff, and family members of current students who have sacrificed fighting our nation's conflicts. To read more about our organization and cause, please visit:

Course Update

As of 10 November 2014, we are in the process of re-routing our course! Last year, our course was a bow-tie loop USATF certified at .875 miles per lap. It's bowtie shape, featuring several sharp angles, was in order to comply with university orders to remain on the paved path. For the 2015 race, we are re-figuring our course to eradicate hard turns. Although the exact details are still being determined, the 2015 course will likely be a large loop along the perimeter of the OSU Oval consisting of smooth turns. It will be roughly .6 miles in length. We will still feature electronic chip timing which will ensure accurate lap counting / distance measuring and will be sure to USATF certify the course. Due to the traditional track characteristic of the new course, direction changes will be implemented at equivalent time intervals. Runners who registered before 10 November 2015 and do not wish to run as a result of the course change are eligible for a full refund, please contact the race director.

Race Overview

The 1 Day for the K.I.A. 24 Hour Endurance Run serves as the primary fundraiser for the Living Legacy Scholarship. Held in April of each year, it is a traditional 24 Hour Endurance Run in that runners have exactly one day to cover as many miles / laps as they can around a short course. Our .875 USATF certified, paved loop meanders around the picturesque Oval – the large green space at the center of The Ohio State University's campus. As a tribute to the 908 OSU alumni and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we outline our course with nearly 1,000 lanterns, each with the name of a fallen service member.

Electronic Chip Timing in the form of an ankle bracelet is used. We are also very proud to feature a medical team consisting of a medical professor and his students. This team remains on site for the entire 24 hours to provide physical adjustments in addition to any emergency care that may be required.

Relay teams of up to 4 individuals may also register. Each relay team will be given one lap counter, hence only one runner from each team can be on the course at a given time. Relay teams will be competing against other relay teams of the same size.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given until February 1st. The full order will be returned minus the registration fee of twenty dollars. After this date no refunds will be given, no exception.

Registration Information

We understand that the race admission fee is somewhat higher than equivalent events. We, however, ask that you see it as a donation to our organization rather than a fee. All registration fees go toward the operational costs of the race and 1 Day for the K.I.A. as an organization. Because we generate all the necessary operational funding from the registration fees, 1DK merchandise sales, and operation specific gifts, we are able to attribute gifts of all other forms (corporate sponsors, sponsored runner sponsorships, and scholarship specific gifts) to the scholarship fund. For example, if an individual wishes to make a donation entirely to the scholarship fund, they are able to do so via the link provided on our website ( We would not take any cut of it for operational funding.


Our event takes place on The Ohio State University's Oval - the massive picturesque green space at the center of campus. The all-concrete bowtie path will take you both through and around the Oval, swinging around the famous Thompson Library. You will be able to see / experience almost every sector of campus during your endeavor!

The .875 mile loop has a vertical elevation difference of 16 feet, making it THE FLATTEST course of its kind in Ohio! The Oval does have a sporadic arrangement of lights. For some these may be enough, however, if you're one that needs to see your path clearly, consider bringing a headlamp.

Runner Amenities

There will be one aid station which as the intersection of the "bowtie" as seen on the map.
We are able to provide:
- all food and drink for 24 hours
- medical personnel
- port-a-johns right next to the course / aid station and also in a nearby building.

If you are interested in bringing a personal tent, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP by contacting We are working to get as much space available for tents but it may be limited.

Virtual Runner

Can't make it to Columbus on April 11th? Register to be a Virtual Runner! For a $50 registration fee, we will send you a 1 Day for the K.I.A. Technical T-shirt, P.O.W. / M.I.A. / K.I.A. bracelet, and bib.

1. Sometime between 0900 April 11th and 0900 April 12th (when we're running), we ask you to go for a run - doesn't matter how far or how long.

2. When you're done, take a picture of yourself wearing your 1 Day for the K.I.A. Gear!

3. Post it to our Facebook page and tell us:
- who you are!
- where you ran!
- how far you ran!
- which fallen service member you ran for

Our goal is to raise awareness with Virtual Runners all over the world and commemorate as many fallen service members as we can.

Local time: 2:36 PM


Duck Yim
Race Director

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