Event Cancelled

This event has been cancelled due to storm damage and permitting challenges


The Superman Project is hosting the worlds largest celebration of the human spirit. The event called "the Heart of Steel" includes an expo and a "run/ walk" endurance event. Whether you have found running to improve your health, push yourself to new heights, overcome substance abuse, achieve weight loss, rehab a personal injury, overcome physical abuse or any of life's challenges, we want you to come rejoice and share your story of triumph. If you are still struggling we invite you to use our run/ walk as the catalyst for your own transformation.

The endurance event is a spiritual and physical journey that will challenge you to find your personal strength as you push to the limits of what you think is possible. The loop goes around a beautiful lake and park with The Colorado Rockies in full view. The loop is 3 miles long and goes in alternate "mashing machine" loops. The surface is a soft and wide dirt path.

The challenge is simple- Participants will continue to move through a 3 mile loop completing as many laps as possible during the allotted time. Upon completing your journey you will cast your "race number" into a cleansing fire signifying the start of your new life or celebration of your sprint to run. There is a very special gift waiting for at the the finish line- a beautiful medal and token of your superhero journey. No athletic experience is required. This event is possible for all, and open to everyone. The options are:

3 Hours, 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours or 100 miles- you will never be the same.

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