I’m happy to announce that the PALM100 Ultra’s will be back for its 7th running. The new date for the race will be, March 15th 2015. The course will be centered around the Deerfield Pier area of the beach. ( Google….200 NE 21st Ave, Deerfield Beach 33441 )

Plans are to keep the same 4 races; the 100K individual race, the 50K individual race, 50K relay event, with two runners and one bicycle, and the 32K individual race.

The 100 mile team race will go away and be replaced by a 100K team ( 3-4 person ) relay event.

The 100K Individual & 100K Relay & the two 50K events will run from Deerfield Beach to the Boynton Inlet and back, with the 100K's doing 2 loops. The 32K individual race will run from Deerfield Beach to Anchor Park in Delray and back to Deerfield Beach!

Having real food served at a restaurant was a hit last year so we're going to do it again. You'll have 5 food choices to choose from when you register. They will provide meals after the race to all runners on their outdoor patio that faces the beach and possible finish line. Your pull tag on your bib will entitle you to a selection off a short menu created for the race, a drink ( non alcoholic ) and the tip! Additional items would be available for purchase and additional family members would just pay their way. This change was necessary because of restriction on cooking at the beach, and the hoops necessary to jump through to have a grill to cook burgers would add $$$ to the registration price. Its much easier to have a restaurant located right next to the finish line do all that work, and we just focus on the race and sipping cold beer or margaritas after the race, watching fellow runners finish!

All of the races will be starting between 6am & 7:30am. We’re planning a 15 minute stagier between races, to break up the groups. This means runners in the 50K events will be finishing around noon, so the thought of having an “After Party” with everyone is slim, as the 100 event runners won’t be done for another 6-8 hours. However we’re going to encourage everyone to bring a beach chair and make a beach day of it, hanging out with your fellow runners as long as your schedule allows. Showers are available at the beach at several spots close to where we are looking at being, and restrooms at the beach have just been remodeled and are plentiful in that area. Parking is available at a parking garage 2 blocks away for $10 for 24 hours.

Hotels in the area are pricey since we’re still ‘in’ season. That’s a lot of info for now, If you can help us spread the word about the race, and the new date, it would be appreciated!


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