This Event Took Place Sat. May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 23rd - Saturday!

The race will take place on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 23rd, not Memorial day.

It is getting a little harder.

The 3rd race in the Southeastern Trail Series is a little harder than the first two races. Not only have we upped the distance to 6 and 12 miles, we have raised the difficulty level.  The Memorial Day Trail Race will present runners with the first real climb, or climbs, in the 2015 Trail Series. Runners will climb from Maggie's Glen on the white trail, up Shackleford Ridge, then across the ridge and up to Shackleford Point. This is the highest point in Oak Mountain State Park. You will then descend on the Yellow/White Connector to the start.  Runners will make the climb once in the 6 mile and twice in the 12 mile. The views off Shackleford Ridge are great, but the terrain is very technical in places so you will need to pay attention to your footing. If you have run the first two races and kept up your training in between, you are ready.

Local time: 2:52 PM


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David Tosch
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