Saturday, Sep 27, 2014
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Sugarloaf Challenge

New for 2014 is Sugarloaf Challenge. A 4 mile run Sunday 9/28 at 9:00 up and over Sugarloaf mountain. Anyone who runs any of our distances on Saturday can run the Sugarloaf Challenge on Sunday for 1/2 off.

Not Yo Momma's 100 is an awesome ultra trail race at Great Seal State Park in Chillicothe, OH. It includes a 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k and the most bad-ass 100 miler in Ohio.

The Course

Our course is a 25k loop. Well, actually it is sort of a loop/out-n-back hybrid. It is a 25k loop with about 2600' of climbing. This translates to roughly 16,000 feet of climbing for the 100 milers :) The trail can be pretty gnarly with roots and rocks and has lots of beautiful single-track. The course is 99% trail with only two very short road sections (less than 1/2 a mile total per loop). 25k = 1 loop 50k = 2 loops 75k = 3 loops 100k = 4 loops 100 Mile = 6 loops + a four mile section that includes Sugarloaf (our toughest climb) 100 milers will run their extra 4 mile section first, and then begin the full 25k loops.

Aid Stations

There are three aid stations along the loop. The first is at the start/finish area. The second is located at 4.6 miles going out, and 13.3 miles coming back. The third is situated at 10.4 miles. Aid Stations will be stocked with Hammer Nutrition products, PB&J's, chips, pop, pretzels, candies, cookies and more. We will also have hot foods available like grilled cheese, pizza, soups and broth. We have really tried to include options for our vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and paleo runners. Make sure you ask our awesome volunteers what options they have for your dietary needs. Keep in mind that you should bring any specific items you can't live without :) Aid Stations will be stocked with First Aid supplies. Please bring a water bottle or other hydration container. We have joined many of our trail racing friends in an effort to produce less waste at our events. We will have cups available but appreciate your help in cutting down on trash.

Drop Bags

Drop bags are permitted in the start/finish area for all runners.

Drop bags are permitted at aid station #3 for runners in the 75k, 100k and 100 mile only. You may drop off your bags the evening before or on race morning. We will have a designated area for bags going out to AS #3.

Please make sure drop bags are water proof! Those bags going out to AS #3 may not be under cover.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to items in drop bags.

Drop bags will not come back to the start/finish until the conclusion of the race on Sunday morning. We do our best to get drop bags back early for individuals who have dropped or need to leave earlier, but please plan accordingly. There will be a return area at AS#3. If you would like to have your bag come back sooner, please move it over to the return area.

Rest Rooms

Park rest rooms are available in the start/finish area and the day-use area. Port-a-johns will also be available in all aid station areas.


You MUST report to the RDs (Rob or Angie Carroll) or an aid station volunteer if you decide to drop from the race. This is for your safety! If you need to drop at AS#2 or AS#3, we will provide a ride back to the start. Please be aware that you may have to wait a few minutes for that ride.

Race Start

All races begin in the campgrounds at Great Seal State Park. The 75k, 100k and 100 mile races step off at 5:30am. The 25k and 50k begin at 7:30am.


Primitive camping is available in the State Park campgrounds- which also happens to be the start/finish area! We typically sell-out of camping spots so make sure to get your early. We think this is the best way to experience the event because you get to mingle with lots of other runners before, during and after your race! If you would like to reserve a camping spot you can do that through us. Simply add camping when you register, or email Tent spots are $10/night and you will be sharing your space with up to three others. There are four RV spots available for $30/weekend.

Switching Races

A runner may switch races anytime PRIOR TO THE START OF THE FIRST RACE at 5:30am. You may NOT switch distances anytime after the start. This is the only rule I am hardcore about people! Please make sure to sign up for the distance you really want! No credit will be give for shorter distances completed. There will be a $10 fee to switch distances.


Headlamps and/or flashlights are required for any running in the dark. This is for your safety and is at the RDs' discretion. PLEASE NOTE: Sunrise is estimated for 7:30am, which means it will most likely be dark in the woods at the start of all races. Please plan accordingly.

DQ Policy

32-Hour cut-off for the 100 mile 24-Hour cut-off for the 100k 20-Hour cut-off for the 25k, 50k and 75k 3-Hour cut-off for the Sugarloaf Challenge 4 Miler * Our goal is to get everyone to the finish line. If you need more time to get it done, please come and talk to us. As long as you are in before the last 100 miler we will work with you to get your finish! Please respect all runners, volunteers, the park, others on the trails and the RD's. If you don't, we will make fun of you mercilessly and DQ you. If we determine a runner has cut the course for any reason, the will be disqualified and receive a DNF in the race results.

Cell Phones

Cell Phone service is pretty good in the start/finish area. There is limited service in other areas of the park.


Breakfast will be provided free for all 100 mile and 100k runners and their pacers on Sunday morning. We will have lots of yummy stuff like muffins and pastries, pancake/sausage bake, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fruit, coffee, milk and juice. Breakfast can be purchased on race morning for all other racers, friends, family and crews for $10 each.

Pacers & Crew

Pacers are allowed for the 100k and 100 mile only. Pacers may join their runners at the start of their fourth loop. Please note that 100k runners will be allowed a pacer for their final loop ONLY. Pacers are not allowed in any other distance unless pre-approved by the RDs. You may have as many pacers as you like, but only one pacer may join you at a time on the course. Pacers must check-in to receive a bib on race day. Pacers may check-in at any time prior to joining you on race day, but please allow us at least 30 mins to get them set-up. If you have more than one pacer they will share their bib, but they all must check-in.


Awesome finisher medals will be awarded to all finishers completing their

Top 3 male and female finishers will receive a kick-ass award.

All 100k and 100 Mile finishers will receive a bad-ass buckle.

Tec Shirts for all participants who registered within the designated time frame.

Some fun new prizes this year!

Local time: 1:04 AM


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