Saturday, May 10, 2014


This event has been cancelled.


The race will be held  on the Lake Youngs Trail in Renton, WA. The Lake  Youngs Trail is a 9.4 mile trail that runs around the Lake Youngs Reservoir. The trail is a loop with rolling hills and 900 ft of elevation gain per loop. This course is non-technical and fast. The race will start with an out and back on the trail of 3 miles. Runners will run back to the start and then complete 5 full loops (checking back at the start/finish aid station after each loop, and verifying that they have been recorded by the timers). There will be a full aid station at the start/finish. Runners are expected to carry their own aid during each loop.

In April the trail could be muddy. Please come prepared for race day conditions.

The race starts at 5:30 AM and the cut off is 8:00 PM, making the race cut off time 14.5 hours.

Local time: 11:09 PM


Lindy Hafner
Race Director